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Hello TennisNYC players/members and online guests/tennis surfers:

As you all know, each year, just before the start of the INDOORS/winter season, TennisNYC tries to recognize outstanding members of the league. We consider not only their excellent personality, talent, genuine love for the sport of tennis and on court performance, but also their loyalty and length of time they have been with TennisNYC.com league. 

Most of the awardees this year 2008, have been members of the league for many months, some for several years now. 

The award is also our way of thanking our outstanding members this year 2008, for their special contribution in making TennisNYC.com, the #1 Tennis league in NYC and NJ.

TennisNYC.com has been in existence for almost ten years now!

Each awardee will be given a special plaque of recognition and a FREE tennis camp/vacation stay in Daytona Beach/Florida Tennis Center. This year, the plaques will be specially engraved so it will last a lifetime. 

Daytona Beach/Florida Tennis Center

We divided the awardees into 2 groups. 

The awardees will attend the Awards Ceremony at the Florida Tennis Center and will also participate in the TennisNYC tennis camp activities in Florida this winter season!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the league who didn't get an award this year, for your support and contribution. You all deserve an award! Keep up the good work and I hope you will keep playing tennis! Your outstanding talent, personality, loyalty to the league and love for the sport will surely be recognized in the future!



Second GROUP

Sergio Terrazzini
Most Promising Tennis Player of 2008!

Marc Carnahan
Most Improved Tennis Player of 2008!

Peter Lam
Best Serve and Volley Player!

Harry Allen
Best Topspin Forehand Award!

Sybille Andaur
Most Consistent Player of 2008!

Ayal Ebert
Most Improved Tennis Player of 2008!

Scott Schneider
Most Promising Tennis Player of 2008!

Rick Martinez
Most Dedicated Tennis Player of 2008!

Kerry Kantin
Best Female Tennis Athlete of 2008!

Eugene Kwon
Best Male Tennis Sportsman Award!

Sean Spence
Most Promising Tennis Player of 2008!

Ji Zhang
Most Outstanding Male Tennis Athlete of 2008!

Nancy Ye
Most Promising Tennis Player of 2008!

Kevin Rosero
Most Improved Tennis Player of 2008!

Cara Jordan
Most Promising Tennis Player of 2008!

Tom Soares
Tennis Personality of 2008!

Maggie Wang
TennisNYC Tennis Spirit Award!

Vishal Moorjani
Best One-hand Backhand!

Brad Demuth and Brannen McDonald
TennisNYC Couple of the Year 2008!



We are looking forward to 2009!!!!
Koko Lani (League Director), Eric Capuano (Coach) and Hakuna (our lucky dog!)

Do you want to join our tennis league? Email me for more info!

"Almost all the TennisNYC.com league members are successful professionals from all over the world with college degrees, MBA, Masters degree, Law degree and some with Doctorate degrees. Its awesome and everyone has great personality and good tennis players!" - Eric, TennisNYC League coach/ Instructor (Masters in PE and  works as a PE Director for Manhattan High Schools) Eric has been teaching tennis for more than 20 years.