Hello TennisNYC players!

First of, Eric (League Coach) and I (Kokolani- League Director/Founder and the Queen of Tennis in NYC! LOL..) would like to thank each one of you for making TennisNYC a very successful tennis league in NYC! Without your support, love and dedication for the sport of tennis, TennisNYC will not be in existent today!!! 

There are no words to express our gratitude. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to THANK each one of you for being an active member of the league!!!

We have 2 VERY IMPORTANT announcements to make:

1. FREE VACATION PRIZE TO LOYAL MEMBERS - We will give A FREE VACATION TO LEAGUE MEMBERS who will remain an active member of the league for 12 consecutive months without cancelling their membership, starting SEPTEMBER 1, 2007. The prize will include a FREE VACATION STAY at the TennisNYC vacation home in Daytona Beach Florida and a FREE LESSON at the Florida Tennis Center. This prize has approximate market value of $800. R/T airfare to Florida is NOT included. You also need to remain an active member of the league in order to use the FREE VACATION prize.  This offer is only good for 2007 current members and those who will join the league this Spring/Summer/Fall 2007-2008.

2. FYI, every year, TennisNYC gives out Awards to our members. Please find below the different categories and recipients of our 2007 TennisNYC Awards. BTW, the winner of the ATHLETE OR SPORTSWOMAN or SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD, the highest award, will get a FREE ROUND TRIP AIRFARE AND FREE VACATION in DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA. The WINNERS of the other categories will get a FREE VACATION in Daytona Beach, Florida, excluding airfare. The Awards ceremony and celebration at the beach and Tennis Camp at the Florida Tennis Center will be held on October 25-29, 2007!!! It should be a GREAT FUN CELEBRATION OF TENNIS AND FRIENDSHIPS AND HEALTH AND LIFE!!!

The following TennisNYC league members are the recipients of this years awards and will get A FREE VACATION IN DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA AT THE FLORIDA TENNIS CENTER! In order to claim your prize, you need to be an active member of the league.

THANK YOU ALL for making TennisNYC a great group of tennis players in NYC!!!

See you on the courts!!!

Koko Lani - League Director
Eric Capuano - League Coach and Hakuna (league dog - photo above)


Iwaya has been a great member of the TennisNYC league for several years. Ever since she joined the league, she has shown nothing but dedication, great positive spirit, committment, and friendly attitude. Her dedication and love for the sport is so unbelievable that she would sometimes stay at the Park even after everyone else has gone home and would practice her serve until the lights went out. Besides playing in NJ, she also plays early mornings and evenings in NYC at the 119st courts and Central Park Tennis Center. She plays with all levels of tennis players and has shown respect to every member of the league regardless of their level! Congratulations Iwaya! FYI, The 2006 Athlete of the Year Award was given to Kyoko Unayama. IWAYA WILL GET A FREE ROUND TRIP AIRFARE and FREE VACATION STAY in Daytona Beach, Florida and will play lots of tennis at the beautiful FLORIDA TENNIS CENTER and will get a FREE LESSON with Eric Capuano (league coach)!!! Her prize has a market value of $1,000.


Just like Iwaya, Bryan has been a member of the league for several years now. I still remember the first night when Bryan came for his evaluation. He was uncertain about his backhand and was spraying balls all over the court. Today, Bryan is an excellent tennis athlete with strong forehand, strong serve and reliable 2 handed backhand. Congratulations, Bryan! BRYAN WILL GET A FREE VACATION IN DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA and will play lots of tennis at the FLORIDA TENNIS CENTER!!!


Maggie's talent and dedication to the sport is exceptional. Week after week, she continues to play tennis and enjoys the competition and company of everyone she is paired up with. Because she continued to play on a regular basis with other league members throughout the months, she became very consistent and remains a force in the league, especially in doubles. MAGGIE WILL GET A FREE VACATION IN DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA and will play lots of tennis at the FLORIDA TENNIS CENTER!!!


When Reza started with the league a few years ago, he was overweight, smokes a lot and drinks a lot of beer and has a beer belly and a chubby baby face!! LOL.. He was cute but not very healthy! Today, Reza is about 20 pounds lighter, doesn't smoke and doesn't drink, very fit and can stay on the courts for hours and hours without getting tired. He always has a smile on his face, looks and feels healthy, happy and enjoys his social life especially with other league members. Congratulations, Reza. REZA WILL GET A FREE VACATION IN DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA and will play lots of tennis at the FLORIDA TENNIS CENTER!!!

Romulus Pestano, Joanna Wen and Marlene Soukavanitch

Romulus Pestano

Joanna Wen

Marlene Soukavanitch

Romulus, Joanna and Marlene have consistently shown great positive friendly attitude for many months while playing with other members of the league. They always smile, shown and treated everyone with respect, and even went out of their way to please other players. Romulus has consistently helped with transportation and always smiles, win or lose. Joanna, despite the distance of her work (Connecticut), will try her best to come on time and report to her matches with a smile and with an easy going friendly attitude. Marlene's smiling face has always caught the attention of everyone especially Scott. The league was meant to unite people and bring everyone together. Romulus, Joanna and Marlene personify the philosophy of the league! ROMULUS, JOANNA AND MARLENE WILL GET A FREE VACATION IN DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA and will play lots of tennis at the FLORIDA TENNIS CENTER!!!

LOYALTY TENNIS AWARD - WINNERS - Alan Yeung and Matthew McDermott

Alan Yeung

Matthew McDermott

Alan Yeung and Matthew McDermott have been a member of the league for many many years. As a matter of fact, Alan started with the league during its formative years and both players never quit or cancelled or stopped playing tennis. They have shown dedication, friendly attitude and great sportsmanship throughout the years. Congratulations, Alan and Matthew! ALAN AND MATTHEW WILL GET A FREE VACATION IN DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA and will play lots of tennis at the FLORIDA TENNIS CENTER!!!

TENNIS PERSONALITY AWARD - WINNERS - Myles Hefland and Jerenus Dixon

Myles Hefland

Janice aka Jerenus Dixon

There is only one word to describe Myles and Jerenus- RIOT!!! AWESOME!!! COOL!!! FUN!!! Well, actually several words.. LOL.. Whenever they play, everyone smiles and has fun! They make playing tennis fun and enjoyable!!! BTW, Janice changed her name to JERENUS to pay respect to her idols, Serena and Venus!!!  MYLES AND JERENUS WILL GET A FREE VACATION IN DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA and will play lots of tennis at the FLORIDA TENNIS CENTER!!!

SEE YOU ALL IN DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA ON OCTOBER 25-29, 2007!!! Click here for photos!

Koko Lani (photo above)
TennisNYC League Director and founder and the Queen of Tennis in NYC!!! LOL