"Thanks for the fun party last night!" - Danielle

"Last night was fun, it was a treat to play in the warm indoors and to enjoy the food afterwards (I think Reza should get a hat for his wonderful food).  I really enjoyed playing indoors." - Deanna

"The games were well matched, competitive and fun-spirited! The food was delicious! There were a variety of entrees and desserts! Great group of players! Everyone enjoyed the celebration!" - Eric Capuano, TennisNYC league coach (photo L)


You Tube video of some TennisNYC games played last Christmas Party!
Tennis Games/Doubles/Singles and Great Food! Great friends!
Great Holiday Spirit! Great Celebration of an awesome Sport!







"TennisNYC league members are hard working professionals from various countries around the world with friendly personalities who love the sport of tennis!" - Koko Lani, TennisNYC League Director.

Come and JOIN us this WINTER/SPRING 2008!

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