TennisNYC FREE drills/LESSONS to Fall/Winter 2007-2008 League Members!!! Schedule below!!!

Photo above are some league members who attended the SLICE BACKHAND DRILLS last Friday Sept 14, 2007.
"This is GREAT!" everyone said after the drills.

Hello TennisNYC players! 

Hope you enjoyed the US OPEN 2007! Djokovic has the talent and capability to win but I think he was overtaken by the occassion due to nerves/inexperience especially serving to win the first set. He double faulted during crucial moments in the 1st and second set. 

But I think in the 3rd set it was Roger's backhand slice to Djokovic's backhand that created most errors from Djokovic. Slice balls are difficult to control especially for a 2 handed backhand like Djokovic. Despite that, it was still exciting to watch! 

Im happy to announce that as part of TennisNYC series of free drills this FALL/WINTER, we will do SLICE BACKHAND lessons/drills as well. 

Moving forward, Eric and I would like to announce the SCHEDULE OF FREE TENNIS DRILLS/lessons (below) to TennisNYC members who are joining this Fall and Winter season. In order to participate in the FREE drills, you need to be a current member of TennisNYC and MUST stay with the league until Spring (April) of 2008. Consider this an early Christmas gift. We would like to monitor the tennis progress/skills of each and every member of the league and prepare them for the outdoors season next SPRING 2008. 

In addition, we will also have FALL/WINTER/early SPRING Tennis training in Daytona Beach, Florida.  FREE Drills will be done throughout the Fall/Winter season, weekends only at the private court behind my building (FREE COURT).

During the winter months, as long as the weather is in the high 40's and sunny, playing outdoors is still fun! However, we will still do regular INDOORS round robin match play especially on Fri nights/weekends during the cold winter months of Dec/Jan/Feb. 

SPACE IS VERY LIMITED, so sign up early. I will give priority to league members who dont play much therefore needs more practice/help and plans to stay until Spring 2008 (April 2008). 

PLEASE NOTE: The drills schedule is subject to change. Changes will be announced in advance and will be posted online.



1. Sept 14 - Friday morning 8:30am - Slice backhand drills and lesson

2. Sept 16 - Sunday morning 8:30am - Slice backhand drills and lesson
3. Sept 22 - TBA (to be announced)
4. Sept 23 - Sunday - 2 hand/1 hand backhand topspin drills and lesson
5. Sept 29 - TBA
6. Sept 30 - Sunday - overhead drills


1. Oct 6 - Saturday TBA

2. Oct 7 - Sunday 8:30am Forehand Topspin
3. Oct 13 - Saturday TBA
4. Oct 14 - Sunday 8:30am Backhand Topspin
5. Oct 20 - Saturday - TBA
6. Oct 21 - Sunday - Lobs and doubles strategy
7. October 23-29 - TennisNYC Sports Awards in Daytona Beach, Florida



1. Nov 3 - Saturday - TBA

2. Nov 4 - Sunday - drop shots/volley
3. Nov 10 - Saturday - TBA

4. Nov 11 - Sunday - Conditioning exercises, stretching and doubles at Port Imperial courts 10am

5. Nov 17 - Saturday - TBA
6. Nov 18 - Sunday - Slice approach shots/hitting short balls/volley/overhead
7. Nov 24 - Saturday - Singles strategy/combination shots - 3 forehand cross courts/1 down the line
8. Nov 25 - Sunday - TBA


1. Dec 1 - Saturday - SERVE LESSONS - speed of the serve will be recorded using a SPEED GUN

2. Dec 2 - Sunday - SERVE LESSONS - speed of the serve will be recorded using a SPEED GUN


During winter months especially Jan/Feb 2008, we will have FUN HITTING THERAPY TO CURE WINTER BLUES!!!! Hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls outdoors, at the free PRIVATE tennis court behind my building, to cure winter blues!!!! Hitting lots of tennis balls is such a great exercise and therapy!!! 


DECEMBER/JAN/FEB 2007-2008 drills sessions will be announced later.  



See you on the courts! 

Koko Lani

Stay with TennisNYC this FALL and WINTER 2007 TENNIS SEASON!!! If you are a member of TennisNYC for 12 consecutive months, you will GET A FREE TENNIS VACATION in Daytona Beach Florida at the awesome Florida Tennis Center! We are planning many different FUN tennis activities- 7 days a week OUTDOORS and INDOORS match arrangements in NYC/NJ/Brooklyn/Queens, Tennis parties, Tennis tournaments, short tennis camp/trips to Daytona Beach, Florida, ROUND ROBIN INDOOR tennis, mixed doubles and more!!!
Important: When I email you your match schedule/partners photos and time of match, always CONFIRM by email if you are coming!!!
YOU CAN GOOGLE TALK/CHAT with me at any time!
See you at the tennis courts!
Koko Lani - League Director
cell: 917 497 4065 (anytime)
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