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WE DO ROUND ROBIN TENNIS EVERY SATURDAY this SUMMER starting at 3PM in Edgewater!!!! It's a lot of fun!!! 4 to 6hrs of non-stop tennis until you drop!!! LOL!!!

Attention MEMBERS: 3pm - 8pm round robin matches last Saturday, July 9, 2005 in Edgewater.  Players and New Jersey residents who participated: Mitch Hurley, Ian Katz, Steven Chen, Vipul, Dana Morgenstein, Kevin Rosero, Mike Cremin, Salvatore, Ned Scharfenberg, Jerry Hao and more...The weather was great for tennis! PHOTOS BELOW!!!

Mitch Hurley def Vipul 6-2
Brian def Vipul 6-2 6-3
Ian Katz def Mitch Hurley 6-1
Kevin Rosero/Sanjith Rai def Dana Morgenstein/Jerry Hao 6-4
Chris def Mike Cremin 6-2
Kevin Rosero/Jerry Hao def Dana/Sanjith Rai 6-2
Ian Katz def Brian Elias 6-3 6-1
Ian Katz def Steven Chen ?
Eric/Mike Cremin def. Steven Chen/Chris 6-4 7-5
Kevin Rosero/Dana Morgenstein d. Sanjith Rao/Jerry Hao 6-1

TENNIS til you DROP!!! Non-stop round robin tennis in Edgewater! 4hrs to 6hrs of doubles, mix-doubles, singles and fun every Saturday starting at 3pm in Edgewater. (Photo L-R) Jerry and Kevin Rosero.  Kevin Rosero, the Star Gazing Astronomer from Brooklyn is giving a back massage to fellow tennis league member, Jerry Hao, the playful IT Engineer after 5hrs of round robin tennis last Saturday, July 9, 2005.   


Vipul and Mitch Hurley 

Photo L-R Jerry Hao, Dana Morgenstein, Sanjith Rai and Kevin Rosero

Mike Cremin and Chris

Ian and Brian

Steven Chen and Ian Katz

Mitch Hurley players (photo above) had a great time playing 4hrs of ROUND ROBIN tennis in Edgewater last Saturday, June 25, 2005.  New Jersey residents and guests (Photo L-R) Ned, Kevin, Jerry, Vipul and Arvind.

TENNIS ROUND ROBIN SATURDAY, June 25, 2005 starts at 4pm in Edgewater (4hrs to 6hrs of TENNIS until you DROP!!! lol).  Available players who live in New Jersey: Vipul, Arvind Narayanan, Ned Scharfenberg, John Caricato, Jerry Hao, Kevin Rosero, Lily Murakami and Eric Capuano. 

(photo above L-R) Michael Pasinkoff, Kyoko Unayama and Dr. JP Lirio played in Edgewater. 

ROUND ROBIN Tennis last Saturday (4pm start) July 2, 2005 in Edgewater!!! (4hrs to 6hrs of non-stop tennis until you DROP!! LOL!!!) 
Available players who live in New Jersey: Dana Morenstein, Vipul, Joe, Jerry Hao, Kyoko Unayama and more....

ROUND ROBIN TENNIS matches and hitting in Edgewater (Womens Singles, Mens Singles, Mixed Doubles, doubles etc) last SATURDAY, June 18, 2005. 4pm START (4 to 6hrs of Tennis!) Hakuna (photo L), my dog, is the ball girl.  Oww.. owww... she is always there to watch and have fun.  Players who participated last saturday: Dana Morenstein, Steven Chen, Suman, Roman Livson, Alan Yeung, Melissa Jaffe, Emmanuel Rousson, Chris Bien, JF Marmonier, Laura Garner, Chris Bien, Eric, Chris Hylen

(Photo L-R) The Computer Geek, (Steven) vs The Russian Finance Mogul (Roman) has an ongoing tennis battle in the league.  Steven's goal this summer is to beat Roman who has a 3-0 edge against him.  Steven said: "Please, please let me play with Roman, one more time, I want to get my revenge." However, Roman, a relentless Russian tennis fighter will not bow down most especially to a kid.  When Steven lost to Roman, for the 3rd time in a row, last Saturday in Edgewater, June 18, 2005, he was very upset.  "Oh my god, this is not happening to me, I can't believe this, but you know what, I only had 2 hours of sleep and lots of beer last night, I have an excuse!" Roman's response? "Me too, I went out, drank beer and got wasted, so we're even!" LOL!!!!

(photo L-R) The Wall Street Executive (Chris) vs. The French Comedian/Finance Analyst (Jean Francois) had a very close 2 set match last Saturday, June 18, 2005 during the Round Robin tennis in Edgewater.  Chris def. Francois 6-4 7-6 (7-3).  Jean Francois jokingly said, "Merde, I had 3 set points against Chris in the second set and I lost. I was up 5-2. I don't mind losing but I will get my revenge!"

Saturday June 11
in Edgewater: 4pm start (4 to 6 hours) of Mixed doubles, Womens doubles, Women Singles, Mens Singles ROUND ROBIN.. NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS and players who participated: Alexis Rascio, Kevin Rosero, Ronit, Chris Bien, Steven Chen, Dana Morenstein, Joe Zara, Eric Jin, Gerry, Roman Livson, Hakuna (koko Lani's dog) etc.  Everyone had a great time!!!! Let's do this every Sat 4pm!!!! It was a lot of fun!!!

Oooppss, let's take A WATER BREAK! IT'S very WARM TODAY, must be 86 degrees!!! Photo Left shows Kyoko Unayama and Sherlia Shi taking a water break after playing for more than 3 hours of Mixed Doubles and hitting in  last Saturday, June 4, 2005 in Edgewater.  


(Please NOTE: The 16 public tennis courts are lighted until 10pm Available players from New Jersey: Vipul, Chris Bien, Howard Herskovich, Eric Jin, Alan Yeung, Joe Zara, Ron Vlieger, Paul Wei (photo above left) etc.

MORE PHOTOS of Tennis Under the MOONLIGHT in Edgewater


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