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WE DO ROUND ROBIN TENNIS EVERY SATURDAY this SUMMER starting at 3PM in Edgewater!!!! It's a lot of fun!!! 4 to 6hrs of non-stop tennis until you drop!!! LOL!!!
RESERVE YOUR SPOTS NOW for Saturday, July 23, 2005. Email me members and guests who participated last Saturday: 3pm - 8pm round robin matches last Saturday, July 16, 2005 in Edgewater.  The weather was great for tennis! PHOTOS BELOW!!!

 What a GREAT DAY OF ROUND ROBIN TENNIS!!! Meeting new people from different backgrounds, sharing stories, having fun, getting good exercise after a stressful week of work is what the round robin tennis of is all about! 3pm - 8pm round robin matches was held last Saturday, July 16 in Edgewater. The weather was great for tennis! players from New Jersey and guests from Manhattan who came: Kyoji Koitabashi (NJ resident), Lee Duong, Mike Pasinkoff, Christian Fontecilla, Kyoko Unayama (New Jersey resident), Jim Pepin, Abdul Ismaila, Melissa Jaffe, Jerry Hao (New Jersey resident), Dana Morenstein (New Jersey resident), Steven Chen, Peter Libert, Alan Yeung (Hoboken), and more..

Lee Duong, the fashion designer for Pierre Cardin participated in the Round Robin tennis last Saturday July 16 in Edgewater.

(Photo L-R) Sean (NJ resident), College tennis player from Georgetown University and a former Bolletieri Tennis Academy graduate and Abdul Ismaila (Manhattan resident), a former junior champion from South Carolina participated in the TENNIS TIL YOU DROP round robin matches in Edgewater last Saturday, July 16, 2005.  Good luck Sean with your college studies this fall!!!

Meeting New Friends from different countries!!!
(Photo L-R) Jerry Hao was so happy to meet Christian Fontecilla from Chile! They sat down after 4hrs of playing doubles and shared stories and built friendships! Let's meet again next Saturday afternoon, my friend!!!

(Photo L-R) Jerry Hao (NJ resident), Christian Fontecilla, Dana Morenstein (NJ resident) and Lily Murakami resting after hitting and playing games. "Nice meeting you!" Lily said to everyone.  Christian just got settled in NYC and found an apartment in downtown Manhattan! Welcome to NYC, Christian!

(Photo above) Mike Pasinkoff (law student from Brooklyn Law School) is having so much fun he missed his dinner appointment.  "Can I stay until 8pm? I don't mind if I miss my dinner appointment tonight! This is a lot of fun!" he said.

(Photo L-R) Kyoko Unayama (Japan), Kyoiji (Japan), Peter Libert (Sweden) and Alan Yeung (Hoboken) is shown above resting after a set of doubles.  "Oh, we lost in the tie break, 7-4!" Kyoko said smiling.


Dana Morenstein, a resident of New Jersey is shown above serving.  She comes every Saturday for the round robin matches.  "This league is a good idea!" she said.

MORE PHOTOS of Tennis til you DROP in Edgewater!!!

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