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WE DO ROUND ROBIN TENNIS EVERY SATURDAY this SUMMER until October 2005 starting at 3PM in Edgewater!!!! It's a lot of fun!!! 4 to 6hrs of non-stop tennis until you drop!!! LOL!!! 


RESERVE YOUR SPOTS NOW for Saturday, August 6, 2005. Limited SPOTS available Email me members and guests who participated last Saturday, July 30, 2005: 3pm - 8pm round robin matches last Saturday, July 30, 2005 in Edgewater. David Lee, Peter Libert, Kyoko Unayama, Jerry Hao, Sanjith Rai, Veronica Vela, Steven Chen, Adam Burton, Erika Hiroishi, Kyoji, Vipul, Ned Scharfenberg, Eric Jin, Emmanuel Rousson, Roman Livson, Suman and more. The weather was great for tennis! 


OHMIGOD! Roman, you are so funny! LOL..
(Photo L-R) The SAKE drinking Russian tennis player, Roman Livson with the Chinese Computer Geek, Steven Chen, last Sat, July 30 during the round robin tennis in Edgewater.
Every Saturday afternoon, during the round robin in Edgewater, Roman lets his hair down (whatever is left) and trades in his Monday to Friday stiff business suits (investment banking) with tennis outfits, in this case, a towel outfit and he becomes a playful child again. Roman, the Russian tennis warrior, puts down his guard, hits tennis balls as hard as he can, runs for every shot for more than 3 hours and then hangs out at a Korean BBQ place and drinks a few carafes of sake with other league members.  Steven gets a kick out of watching Roman undress on the tennis court, "Ohmigod! Roman, you are so funny!"

(photo L-R) Eric Jin (Canton, China) lost to Emmanuel Rousson (Lyon, France) 3-6 4-6 in the 1st rd of the Mens Advanced Level Tennis tournament last Saturday, July 30, 2005.

Playing with people from different countries and nationalities!!! Bon JOUR, Emmanuel! Buenas tardes, Erika!
(Photo L-R) Erika Hiroishi (Mexican-Japanese), Eric Capuano (Italian- league coach), Emmanuel Rousson (French- Lyon) and Eric Jin (Canton- China)

Taking a break in between sets!
(Photo L-R) Eric Capuano, Dana Morenstein and Ian Katz
"This league is a great idea!" Dana said.

Playing SINGLES with good tennis players!
(Photo L-R) Eric Jin and Emmanuel Rousson

GETTING GOOD EXERCISE and de-stressing after a stressful week of work!
Photo above shows Jerry Hao (KPMG) receiving a serve from David Lee (Executive Recruitment).

"I lost 3 kilos since I joined this league! My doctor is so happy! I have problems with my weight and liver. Thanks to! Now, I feel better. I want to lose more!" Kyoji from Japan said after more than 2 hours of running and hitting tennis balls during his 1st rd match tournament against Vipul from India.

Playing MIXED DOUBLES and meeting fellow corporate LAWYERS and other corporate professionals!
(Photo L-R) Kyoko Unayama, Peter Libert, Veronica Vela (corporate lawyer) and James Pepin (corporate lawyer)

AWESOME SHOTS! How did you do that?
Ned Scharfenberg, Erika and Suman are seen on the foreground admiring singles play between Eric Jin and Emmanuel Rousson.
"All the league members are nice people and good players!" Ned said.

"I joined this league to find nice friends, good tennis partners and to get good exercise!" Erika said.
(Photo L-R) Erika Hiroishi (CPA) and Suman (Masters in Economics from NYU)

Let's have KOREAN BBQ and celebrate Steven's 21st B-day!
(photo L-R) Eric, Steven, Erika, Roman went to dinner and exchanged jokes and stories after playing round robin tennis! Roman drank a bit too much of SAKE!!! LOL.. Thanks for the caviar, Roman!


Kyoko Unayama def Veronica Vela 6-1
Vipul def Kyoji 6-3 2-6 6-3
Erika Hiroishi def Suman 6-1 6-1
Dana Morenstein/ David Lee def Sanjith/ Jerry Hao  6-0
Sanjith/David Lee def Dana Morenstein/Jerry Hao 6-3
Kyoko/Jim Pepin def Peter Libert/Veronica 7-5
Emmanuel Rousson def Eric Jin 6-3
Roman Livson vs Steven Chen (split sets) 3-6 (Steven) 6-1 (Roman)
Ian Katz def Ned Scharfenberg 6-1 6-0
Adam Burton def Ian Katz 6-4 6-2
Jerry Hao/Sanjith (Eric alternate) def Sanjith/David Lee 7-5
Jerry Hao/Jim Pepin def. David Lee/Sanjith 6-4
Erika Hiroishi/Ned Scharfenberg def. Kyoko Unayama/Suman 6-3
Eric Jin/Eric Capuano def Erika Hiroishi/Emmanuel Rousson 6-4
Suman vs Ned Scharfenberg

MORE PHOTOS of Tennis til you DROP in Edgewater, July 23, 2005

MORE PHOTOS of Tennis til you DROP in Edgewater, July 16, 2005

MORE PHOTOS of Tennis til you DROP in Edgewater, July 9, 2005

Attention League members: The last pick up time of League members from the FERRY TERMINAL NJ side is 3:15pm (NO EXCEPTIONS).  If you are not on the NJ side of NY WATERWAY FERRY (Port Imperial terminal) by 3:15pm, you will take the TAXI.  The TAXI is located just in front of the Ferry terminal, next to the PARKING LOT.  Tell the TAXI driver, you are going to the NORTH BERGEN TENNIS CENTER.  Here's the driving directions from the Ferry terminal's parking lot: You will make a right ON RIVER ROAD (GOING NORTH) when you see BULLS FERRY ROAD (after my building) make a LEFT and the tennis courts are just above the short hill.  It's only 5min driving time from the Ferry Terminal. I will bring you back to the Ferry at the following HOURS: Between 5pm - 5:30pm and between 7pm - 7:30pm.  If you have to go before or after those hours, you will take the BUS to MANHATTAN (15min to Port Authority) which is located near the tennis courts.  (Exceptions: If there is someone from the League especially those who live in NJ who drives and they are done playing at a certain time, I will ask them to drive you back to the Ferry.)


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