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The Tennis Energizer Bunny
Did you know that Mia Ocampo, photo above, played tennis all day and didn't get exhausted? She started playing early in the morning by doing drills/evaluation/lesson then she took a short lunch break, after which she played all afternoon of tennis with other league members. Total number of hours playing tennis: 7 hours in one day!!! Mia works full time during the week as a Project Manager for JP Morgan.

Halloween Round Robin Tennis 
Photo above shows some of the league members who participated last Saturday, Oct 29 during the Halloween Round Robin of Tennis!!! Everyone had a great time playing 4 hours of non-stop singles and doubles!!! For more photos and scores including the photo of Miss Hit, the winner of the Best Costume Award, PLEASE CLICK HERE!!!

Rhythm and Numbers
(Photo L-R) June Li (Finance specialist) and Elvin (Music- Sony BMG) played tennis together during their lessons/tennis drills and evaluation prior to joining the league.  They were both very happy and appreciative after the drills. Elvin said, "Thank you for everything!"


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