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(Photo L-R) The FUTURE Doctor of Medicine, Ms. Dana Lilli and the CHINESE DIPLOMAT from Beijing, Ms. Liu Hong!
Dana Lilli graduated in May, 2005, and presently applying for medical school.  While waiting for her med school acceptance, she is busy working as a nanny.  Dana has great tennis fundamentals and a very nice person.  Liu Hong, on the other hand, was sent to NYC by the Chinese government for management training.  She said, "I start to learn tennis two year ago, a China national team player provide me a 3 - 4 hours personal training weekly during the last two years. In physical condition, I was a track and field athlete for hurdles during my high school and college!"

Photo above shows some members of the tennis league playing outdoors.  On the foreground is Suzanne Paar serving.

The talented designer for Calvin Klein
Jean Wang,
a talented artistic designer for Calvin Klein, is in excellent physical condition, has good tennis fundamentals and highly motivated to play tennis again after one year of absence from the game.  She graduated from Brown University and also earned an advanced Arts/Design Degree from Rhode Island School of Arts.  "You were not kidding when you said I will hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls!" she said smiling after the drills. Welcome to the winter league, Jean!


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