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(Photo L-R) The budding actress, Mayra Mejia and the IT GIRL of the league, Megan Orsen! "I would like to do this drills every Sunday! This is good exercise and fun!" Mayra said after doing 2 hours of intense tennis drills.

The tennis player who has an awesome backhand!
Jonathan Cifuentes
(photo above) has one of the most beautiful backhands in the league so far.  With a compact stroke and enough confidence, he hits the ball clean from the backhand side with consistency and accuracy.  He wrote, "I used to take lessons as a kid and played on my high school team. After high school, I stopped playing for a few years and my game really took a hit. I have recently begun playing again and have already noticed a vast improvement in my strokes. I would like to get my game up to a consistent 4.5 level and I think TennisNYC league is the ticket." Jonathan works full time as a Sales Assistant for Smith Barney and studies part time at Fordham U (Masters in Economics). He just came back from a 3 week vacation in Japan.

"The couple that plays tennis together will live a healthier, happier life together!"
Albert Lung and his wife, Susan (photo above) did 1 1/2 hrs of tennis drills and lessons last Sunday, August 7, 2005, with Eric Capuano ( league coach) as part of their plan to play tennis together and join the tennis league. Peter works full time as a corporate lawyer while Susan is planning a career in Broadcast Media.



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