Talented Player, Nice personality!
Romulus Pestano (photo above) has great coordination, athletic ability, and very motivated to take his tennis game to the next level.  He took tennis lessons for a year and joined the TennisNYC Spring/Summer/Fall 2007 league so he can play lots of tennis with many different players.  "I think my game will improve if I play games/matches with different players!" he said. Welcome to the league, Romulus!









Summer/Fall 2007 of fun tennis!
(L-R) Eric, Herman, Rosselyn, Shelly and Lauren.


Marathon runner, TennisNYC player!
Michelle Drohan (photo above) hit hundreds of tennis balls during the TennisNYC drills to prepare her for Spring/Summer/Fall 2007 tennis! "Tennis is never boring!" she said after the drills. 

Friends on and off the court!!!
Anurag and Jay decided to join the league this fall for fun and to meet other NYC tennis players for a game of doubles/singles.  They are both very talented tennis players, been playing tennis for many years and have been friends for a long time!

Josie Harrison (photo above), originally from North Carolina, is enjoying her summer break after finishing a business degree from Columbia U.  She plans to have fun playing tennis while meeting other league members! "My grandma is more than 90 years old now and she still plays tennis!" she reveals.

Maritza Garcia (photo above), originally from Mexico plans to play tennis in between her work and studies.  She is very motivated to improve her consistency by playing lots of tennis this late summer and fall season 2007! "I like to beat my boyfriend in tennis!" she jokes, smiling. Welcome to TennisNYC!

Look, Bryan is smiling!!!!
My goal this year was to make Bryan smile during photo ops! I did it! Ask Bryan what I did to make him smile! BTW, Williams' favorite tennis line after playing doubles? "Happy endings!" Ask him what it means, its loaded with tons of subtext! LOL.. I have no clue! (L-R photo above back row) William Geiman and Harry (L-R photo above front row) Calvin, Bryan and Tom.  Bryan narrowly edged Tom in their singles battle of cuties 7-5, 6-3.  "My serve was on today!" Bryan said. Tom can't wait for a rematch! They all played more than 3 hours of outdoor tennis. 

TennisNYC winter/spring 2008 Tennis Tournaments - MENS INTERMEDIATE, MENS ADVANCED, WOMENS SINGLES, MIXED DOUBLES and MENS DOUBLES are starting soon! Join the league now! Email me for details!

TennisNYC brings people together!
Tennis creates friendship and promotes physical, emotional and mental health!!!
(L-R) Ameet and Marc Klein.  "You were not kidding!" Marc said after hitting hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls during practice drills session before playing with other league members.

The handsome Indonesian and the charming Russian!
(L-R photo above) Jason Lamuda (Indonesian) and Vlada (Russian) enjoyed doing drills and lesson last Thursday, July 19 in preparation to joining the TennisNYC league this summer/fall 2007.  "I liked it a lot!" Vlada said after the intense session.  Both players showed excellent athleticism, great coordination and amazing athletic ability.

The Tiger Woods of Tennis and The Chemistry Wiz Kid!
(Photo L-R) Kenley Wilson and Calvin Chen hit hundreds of tennis balls in preparation for their mid-Summer/Fall tennis matches with other TennisNYC league members.  "I grew up eating Fried Chicken and Pad Thai. My mom is Thai and my dad is African American from Arkansas. I
'm exactly the Tiger Woods of Tennis!" Kenley said referring to his heritage.  Both Kenley and Calvin are super talented tennis players and love the game!!!

(Photo above L-R) Erica, Hakuna (dog of the league), Eric (coach) and Kashmira!

Grace Tan (photo above), TennisNYC league member, Duke U graduate, played tennis in High School, spent tennis weekend at the TennisNYC tennis vacation home/camp in Daytona Beach, Florida last March 2-4, 2007.

"Thank you for making such a relaxing weekend in Florida possible.  I will definitely be back and the next time, we will ride motorbikes on the beach and give those bikers a run for their money!" - Grace Tan, March 2007.

Photo above (l-r) shows SzeTho from Singapore and Takeshi from Tokyo, Japan sharing good tennis moment before their singles match.

Div 3 College Tennis Player
Donald Lang (photo above) played tennis for a Div 3 College in New York.  "Im very happy playing tennis again!" Donald said after the TennisNYC evaluation.  Donald is a great all around tennis player - he can serve and volley, has a consistent baseline game, has a great one handed backhand and a strong serve. Welcome to the TennisNYC league Donald! 

Big Forehand! Big Serve!
Adam Anders (photo above) born in Sweden, played tennis since he was very young and trained for many years at Saddlebrook, Florida to become a professional tennis player.  His tennis career was sidetracked by injuries and decided to quit and focused his energy on music.  Check out his music and website at www.myspace.com/roomfortwomusic WELCOME to TennisNYC.com league, Adam!

(L-R) Rahul, Dave, Sharon, Maggie, Lee, Takashi, Reza, Rishi, Jeni, Bryan and Missy.  We have new exciting tennis programs this New Year 2007 including tennis trips and tournaments in Florida!!! Email me for details!

"Great drills!"
Eric (League Coach) and Koko Lani prepare league members for the Spring 2007 Tennis Season by giving cardio drills/lesson.  (Photo above left to right) Eric, Shelly, Vien, Adam and Beth. "Thank you for the great drills!" everyone said.

(L-R) Jason White, Hakuna (dog) and Eric Davis
The Ex LifeGuard from Daytona Beach (Jason) and the Jewish Cutie (Eric) from Long Island! Both guys are single, great tennis players, athletic and has great fun personality!


The consummate player!
William Geiman (photo above) did his evaluation/drills (outdoors) prior to joining the SPRING 2007 league last Sunday, March 11, 2007.  "I'm very sore but had a great time today!" William said in his email. William hit hundreds of tennis balls and was given coaching/lessons by Eric Capuano, the TennisNYC league coach.  William is an MBA student, worked in Singapore for a few years, moved to NYC 3 years ago.  Welcome to NYC, William!


Welcome to NYC!!!
(Photo L-R) Eric, Yuri and Takashi.  Takashi and his beautiful wife just moved to NYC from Japan to work for a major finance company.  They are very thrilled and happy with this new experience and Takashi plans to spend his free time this winter playing tennis with league members.  "We are very happy to be here!" Takashi and Yuri said.

Tennis after work!
(photo above L-R) Otani, Kevin, Stanley, Rishi, Takeshi, Hiroyuki, Ruth, Yumi, Brannen and Rick. Stanley said, "Thanks again for another glorious tennis session. I was telling Yu Otani that it has been a long time since I've played with that level of intensity. There is a certain peace that comes over me when I am on a tennis court...there is nothing like the feeling one gets when hitting a crisp forehand or a perfectly timed backhand. :) I am definitely enjoying these sessions, and I just wanted to say thanks."


Cool members!
(L-R) Ken Pan and Vita Feldman had fun during the drills!

Motivated Players, Friendly Smiles!
(L-R) Jenny Park Adam and Elaine Wynn share some light tennis moments after the drills/evaluation for Spring/Summer/Fall 2007 league.

Friends before the match, and after the match!
(L-R) Shien Lee and George Yeomans, both league members for Spring/Summer/Fall 2007

Great League Members! Great Sport! TennisNYC!
(L-R) Magno Yu, Eric (League Coach), Kristen Segal, Satish and Steve Werner had great drills/lesson before playing with other league members.

Come out and play tennis! It's a lot of fun! We have many new programs this summer/Fall and winter 2007 season - round robin doubles/singles (indoor), outdoors match arrangements, Tennis camp/outings in Daytona Beach, Florida, socials, tournaments etc
(Photo above L-R) Joshua Kim, John Chua, Eric (League Coach), Kate Spota and Arlene Weintraub.

"This is Awesome!" 
(L-R) Eric (League Coach), Brooke, Francesco, Karyn and Jeana did 1 1/2hrs of cardio drills/lesson/evaluation last Sunday, March 25 outdoors. "It's awesome!" the group said after hitting hundreds of tennis balls and getting lessons from Eric, the League Coach.

TennisNYC members are from all over the WORLD!!!
We celebrate diversity!!! (L-R) Eric (League Coach), Anthony (Italian), Harish (Indian) and Woei (Chinese Australian).  All the guys above are very excited to play tennis this Spring Tennis Season in NYC!!!



Koko Lani - TennisNYC League Director and Founder of TennisNYC (photo above)