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The DRAMA TEACHER who loves playing tennis!
Daniel Abse (photo above) is a DRAMA coach and teacher for Hunter High School.  He just moved to NYC from Philadelphia and would like to return to the game of tennis.  He wrote: "Following NTRP guidelines, I would rate myself as a 3.0 to 3.5; I can volley reasonably well, my backhand has gotten stronger in the past year or two.  I feel reasonably comfortable with net play. Iíve been playing sporadically since I was 13; Iím 38 now.  (As it has been somewhat difficult to book tennis games, Iíve had to settle for racquetball, which has been fun, but I miss tennis." Welcome to the league, Daniel!

SUSAN SHELTON and the friendly ball girl/dog of the league, HAKUNA (photo above)  After doing several lessons and drills with Koko and Eric (league coach of TennisNYC), Susan Shelton is finally ready to join the league! Hakuna is seen above congratulating/kissing Susan!

Many tennis league players (photo above) stayed past 7pm last Saturday's round robin (Aug 27) in Edgewater to play more tennis after eating home made delicious pasta. The pasta was prepared by Chris Bien, TennisNYC league member and a world class CHEF who used to work for Marriott in Midtown, Manhattan.  MORE PHOTOS, click here

Jason Teuscher (photo above) is a very good tennis player.  He has been playing tennis since he was a kid.  However, due to heavy workload in the office (Revlon Inc.), he hasn't played much in the past 8 months since moving to NYC from Hongkong.  Jason graduated from International Executive MBA program and trained in Singapore, Hongkong, Shanghai and Chicago.  "Tennis is very therapeutic!" Jason screamed after doing 2 hours of tennis drills with Koko Lani, the TennisNYC League Director.

The easy-going, friendly FINANCIAL DERIVATIVES guy who loves playing tennis
Jim Roccas (photo above) works in Wall Street doing financial derivatives.  He is friendly, sociable and has a great positive energy.  He is athletic and loves playing tennis especially on weekends.  "Tennis runs in the family, my Dad loves playing tennis!" he said with an infectious smile.  Welcome to the league, Jim!

The busy FORD MOTORS Executive who loves playing tennis!
Anirban (photo above) hits a solid ball and has an excellent technique.  However, due to busy work schedule, he doesn't have much time to work on his physical conditioning.  He said: "What I'm looking for initially is to hit/drill and get back in shape, and eventually play some competitive tennis." Welcome to the league, Anirban! 



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