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Vignesh took a cross continental flight (JetBlue), took a cab from JFK, cross the Hudson river on the ferry and got a ride in a car in order to do 2 hours of tennis drills.  How about that for the love of tennis?
Vignesh Anandan is an intermediate tennis player who wants to improve his tennis game by joining the league.  Vignesh has a great personality, very positive, highly educated and motivated and has a good tennis game.  Welcome to the league Vignesh! 

Photos and scores of the Saturday, Sept 17 round robin (above), please click here. What a great day of tennis! 

A Talented 3.5 player with a 9.9 Colgate Smile
Varun, from New Delhi, India has been playing tennis for only a year and yet his game is typical of tennis players who have played for more than 10 years! He is talented, very athletic and has a great eye and hand coordination.  He serves big like Roger Federer! "My friend who is a good tennis player told me to straighten my arm to reach up for the ball when serving and it helps!" he said.  Varun just moved to NYC from Savannah, Georgia where he played 3-4 times per week.  Welcome to the league, Varun!

Kim Clijsters future bridesmaid?
Watch out Kim! Meghan Faria (photo above) is the best friend of Brian (PRO basketball player), Kim Clijsters' boyfriend and future husband.  Now that Kim announced her retirement in 2 years to raise a family, it will be more than likely that Meghan will meet her in New Jersey where Brian is currently residing. "I will bring my photo with Brian next time! He is actually very good looking!" Meghan smiled after doing 2hrs of tennis drills.

Jason Li from China (photo above) is very eager to join the league and improve on his tennis game! He said: "I graduated from college and moved to New York last year and I am looking for someone to play tennis with. I would love to join the league. I am an advanced beginner, although I have not played any tennis since my senior year in college (Wisconsin). I would probably rank myself as 2.5." Welcome to the league, Jason Li!

The son of Gregory Peck?
James Pero (photo above right) has a striking resemblance to Gregory Peck," Eric Capuano, the league coach said. James hits a good solid ball as evidenced by his previous tennis experience, lessons and training.  He has played tennis since he was a kid.  However, the 2hr intense tennis drills was a good wake up call for him.  "I am not in excellent physical condition!" he said.  James is now committed more than ever to devote his time to working out and improving his health!


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