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JOE the tough EX-BOXER and successful ARCHITECT
Joe defies every medical theories about aging.  His health, physique and conditioning is much better than any 20 year old.  He can hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls without a problem.  He is consistent, has great footwork, stamina, good technique and positive attitude! "You are not kidding when you said I will have a great work-out!" he said after the tennis drills. Welcome to the league, Joe!

INSPIRED by the US OPEN 2005!
Mike Steckelman (photo above) emailed me after watching the games at the US OPEN.  He said: "I am very interested getting back in the game of tennis!" Mike did more than 1 1/2 hours of intense drills and lessons with me (Koko Lani). He said, "Imagine if I do this kind of drills everyday! I will start playing like Agassi!" Mike was very thankful and said the next day, "I had a blast! I feel like playing everyday now! Ha..ha!" Mike works full time in the production unit of CNBC.

The CHEERFUL Doctor of Pharmacy who loves playing tennis, Ms. Esther Yu!
(Photo above L-R) Eric Capuano, the TennisNYC league coach, Hakuna (the ball girl/dog of the league) and Esther Yu (the cheerful tennis player)!
Esther Yu played lots of tennis while in High School, took lots of weekly tennis lessons few months back and presently doing drills to join the league! Welcome to the league, Esther!


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