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Robert Smeets, from Australia, ranked #251 in the world is seen above practicing with Lauren, formerly ranked #300 in the world in Edgewater.  Robert Smeets played in the 2005 Bronx Challenger Event and the qualifying of the 2005 US OPEN.  They were both guest players of  Click here to check Bronx Challenger Results

Tennis is bridging the gap between East and West!
(photo above right from Japan) played tennis about 15 years ago. She wrote me an email and said she wants to play tennis again after a long absence from the game.  After almost 2 hrs of tennis drills/lessons, Akiko realized that she still has the basic tennis fundamentals. The next day, she emailed me and was very thankful, "I just wanted to thank you so much for the drill last night. I can't even remember when I sweated that much!" Lauren (photo above left from NYC), a very artistic and talented art designer, enjoyed meeting Akiko and doing the tennis drills with her. We all went to a nice Asian restaurant after the drills and shared many life's stories and experiences.. 

Jane Park (photo above right) personifies the idea of world citizenship.  She represents the new breed of tennis players who travel, live, study and work in different parts of the globe, making the concept of single-nation citizenship very obsolete.
She said, "I was born in Korea, but grew up in Los Angeles. I went to college in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. I lived, studied and worked in Tokyo/ Kyoto, Japan for about three years. Currently, I work (Finance) and live in New York city" Jane is a good tennis player.  She explained, "I started playing tennis when I was about 11. I took private lessons all through junior high and high school." Jane Park is shown above with Eric, the league coach and Hakuna, the ball girl/dog of the league!


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