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The Soul Tennis Brothers!
(Photo above L-R) Michael Fieldstone and Jody Kriss have been friends for more than 18 years.  They played in their High School tennis team and continued playing together even after college. They now work in Finance and travel a lot between Miami and NYC.  They are both advanced tennis players, very athletic and have tremendous talent! Btw, Jody is busy designing his "sports chairs" which he plans to market soon! Watch out for exciting JODY sports chairs in the market!!! After the tennis drills and evaluation they said, "This is a great workout!"

Rainy weekend? Forget about it!!!
Some league members (photo above) will not sit around and watch TV and wait for the rain to stop so they can play tennis.  They played tennis indoors last Sunday, October 9 and had a great time!!!! (L-R) Jerry Hao (KPMG), Rahul (JP Morgan Chase), GoPal (St Lukes Hospital) and Dana (family business)

The talented HULA DANCER from Hawaii and the LAWYER from Battery Park City
Niki Sandoval
(photo above L) is a very talented tennis player.  Although, she only started playing tennis few months ago, her game can already be classified in the intermediate level.  Her skills in hula dancing and golf helped her tremendously in learning how to play tennis.  She has great footwork, excellent eye and hand coordination and intrinsic ability to fight under pressure.  Jorge Wagner (photo above R) works full time as a Lawyer and he wants to play tennis again to help him de-stress from the challenges of the corporate life.  He finds going to the gym very boring. Welcome to the league, Niki and Jorge!

Welcome back to the game, Gopal!
Gopal (photo above) emailed me and said, "I am 41 yrs old , used to play at a level of 4.0. I haven't played for years, recently tried and realized I am way out of touch."  After 2 hours of tennis drills, Gopal also realized that his physical conditioning needs a lot of attention and work.  The tennis evaluation/drills was a great wake up call for him to start paying attention to his health.

The All American Girl from California, Suzanne and The New Japanese Woman, Keiko
Suzanne, pictured above in the middle, with her fiancee (Mitch) works full time as a Veterinarian.  She is in excellent physical condition and very motivated to play tennis again.  Keiko, pictured above right, represents the new breed of Japanese women.  She is independent, highly educated (MBA from Boston U), well traveled and devoted to her husband.  Suzanne and Keiko did 2 hrs of tennis drills/lessons in preparation to joining the tennis league.

The down to earth Italian!
Lynn Baione (photo above L) is your typical Italian girl - very down to earth, hardworking, family oriented and friendly.  She presently works for a Finance company but will soon change career to become a doctor! Welcome to the league, Lynn! Lynn is shown above with Eric, the league coach and Hakuna, the ball girl/dog of the league!

The SAKE drinking Russian Tennis fighter is back!!!
Gopal (photo above L) is shown above with Roman (photo above R), the sake drinking caviar eating Russian tennis fighter! Roman just got back from Russia to check on his newborn baby, Daniela.  "She [referring to his new baby] will be the future tennis champion of Russia!" Roman said.


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