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 tennis league tries to dissolve barriers of race and creates an atmosphere of friendship through sports!
(Photo L-R) Otani Yu (Japan), who just moved to NYC to work for KPMG and Sri Kolla (India), who just passed his Medical Board Exam in Radiology met and did 2 hours of drills/lessons/evaluation last October 23, 2005.  They are both excellent tennis players and in great physical conditioning.  Amazingly, they have similar games and almost similar tennis level.  Otani has been playing tennis for more than 15 years in Tokyo, Japan.  "I had a great time and you really gave us a great work-out!" Sri emailed me (Koko) the next day. "I'm glad that I managed to contact you [Koko], the Queen of Tennis in NYC! Thank you so much for the drills!" Otani said.

The Athletic Father of 3 young kids!!!
Matt Jacobus (photo above) has an awesome physical conditioning.  He hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls using extreme western grip during the drills/evaluation/lesson without taking a single break!!! Matt is very talented, genetically gifted (6' 6" in height) and has a great positive attitude! Welcome to the league, Matt!

The High School Star Athlete!
David Fletcher (photo above right) from northern Louisiana played football (Tight End and Safety) and baseball while in High School.  "I was in perfect shape when I was in High School!" he said.  "Work has kept me inactive," he added. David wants to play tennis, a game that he loves, in order to get back in shape.  He is shown above with Eric Capuano, league coach/instructor, after his tennis drills, lessons and evaluation.

Outdoor Night Tennis is a Time to de-stress from work!!!
(Photo L-R) league members: Nikki, Jericho, Gopal and Varun played doubles last Thursday night, October 20, 2005 from 7pm to 9:30pm.  "I'm so happy to be able to play after work.  I need it to de-stress!" Jericho said smiling. The outdoor temperature was nice (55 degrees) and there was a full moon!!!

The Athletic ROLLER HOCKEY player!
Fernando Moreyra (photo above) wants to return to the game of tennis. He said, "I played on my high school tennis team, so I am not a beginner." During the 2hr tennis evaluation/lessons and drills, he showed that he hasn't forgotten his tennis fundamentals.  He is talented, athletic, and has great potential to become a very good tennis player.  Welcome to the league, Fernando!

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