TennisNYC indoor photos and VIDEOS!!!


Tennis is a great way to release stress after work and meet nice friends!

Our New Year's Resolution is to play more tennis!
YOU TUBE VIDEO (click image above) of some TennisNYC league members during pre-game warm up.  Great Video, Nice and Friendly players, healthy lifestyle, great sport! Video taken last Jan 12, 2008.
(Video editing/upload courtesy of Kevin Rosero)

"A Celebration of Friendships, Tennis and Health!"
was the Theme of our NEW YEAR'S Tennis Party last Jan 13, 2008! Reza's seafood lasagna was so delicioussssss! Click here for more photos!

Advanced Players!
(L-R) Vishal and Ji


TennisNYC is the United Nations of Tennis!!!!
TennisNYC league aims to unite people from different nations! The video above is a clear proof that we can all co-exist, live and play together! Playing sports, particularly TENNIS, is a great way to learn how to relate and interact in a friendly way with people from different backgrounds! More power to you -TennisNYC league members! TennisNYC league members (video above) are Chinese, Filipino, Indonesians, Israelis, Greek, Indians, Thai, Japanese, Ecuadorians, Lebanese, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Iranian, Americans etc! 


AWESOME Video above shows some of TennisNYC league members during warm ups, playing games and having lots of fun while getting the needed exercise this winter/ SPRING 2008 season! Come out and play tennis this SPRING 2008! Its a fun SPORT and a great way to release stress after work and stay healthy and meet great, nice, and friendly people! TennisNYC league members are mostly professionals from NYC/NJ who enjoy playing tennis! We emphasize fun, friendships, sportsmanship, and positive attitude in our league! (Special thanks to Kevin Rosero for video editing/upload)

Sports, Friendship, Great Company, Wine and food!
TennisNYC brings people together!
(L-R) Peter, Maggie, Marlene, Eugene, Ayal, Arlene, Said and Collette attended the socials after their games. MORE PHOTOS and VIDEOS will be uploaded soon!