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(Photo L-R) Tommy, Gener and Jordan played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Thursday night. "I had a great time," Gener said.  "I want to play again, as soon as I string my racquet."  Tommy on the other hand loves playing so much that he is convincing his girlfriend to come and join. "I like her to have some form of exercise.  Tennis is a good way to improve your conditioning.  Hopefully, she comes on Monday night."

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Pete Bassey (photo above) played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Wednesday night, Jan 12, 2005.  Mr. Bassey, a 5.0 tennis player, works as an auditor for Colgate International and travels around the world on business.  He played College tennis in Nigeria where he was trained to serve and volley.  This Friday, he is going to Vietnam on business.  He has traveled to India and other exciting parts of the world.  

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Richard Irving (photo above) played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Tuesday night, Jan 11, 2005.  Mr. Irving and Joyce Hersch are the winners of the mixed doubles tournament held last year in Riverside Red Clay Courts on 96th St. and Riverside.  "TennisNYC.com league is very inexpensive.  $17 for 2 hours of doubles on Friday nights and weekends is a great price!" said Richard.  "I think I will play again this weekend."  Mr. Irving worked at the US OPEN 2004. "I worked there to be around tennis.  I worked at the restaurant selling barbecue chicken." Mr. Irving is also a taxi driver and has written several essays about the people he met while driving a taxi in NYC.  He just returned from the Dominican Republic. "I want to see Cuba, next" he said.

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Tommy Ho (photo above) played in the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Monday night, Jan 10, 2005.  He is a solid tennis player, very athletic, good strokes on both forehand and backhand and runs for every ball.  Tommy started playing tennis by taking USTA lessons at the National Tennis Center in Queens.  He works for a tech company in NYC and enjoys playing tremendously.  "I'd like to play again, book me in again this week!" he said smiling.



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