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Photo above shows Sherlia Shi, a regular player at the TennisNYC.com tennis league. Sherlia shows terrific backhand technique finishing to a full follow through. 

Obibi Zimmer (Photo above with her husband, Jazz artist Pete Zimmer) is a top tennis player from Thailand, a few years back, before she immigrated to NYC.  She used to be the hitting partner of Tamarine Tanasugarn, a top 50 WTA PRO from Thailand.  Obibi is a regular tennis player from NYC Central Park.  Was her family affected by the Tsunami in Thailand? "I am very thankful, my family lives on the north, they're OK."  Presently, she works at the desk on Friday and Saturday nights at the Stadium Tennis Club.  Her husband, Jazz artist Pete Zimmer, just released his debut album titled "Pete Zimmer, Common Man"  For more info about his album and to listen to MP3 samples, please click here (Note: I [Koko Lani, the webmaster of this website] bought the album and have been listening to it on my way to the tennis club. It's one of the best jazz album I've heard in a while.)

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Gener Rigor (photo above) played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Thursday night, Jan 13, 2005.  Gener works as an accountant and has been playing tennis since 1998.  He is originally from the Philippines and just moved to NYC few months ago.  "I like NYC," he said. "People in NYC are easy going, they are easy to talk to and very down to earth."  Gener confides that his friends are always accusing him of being too crazy about tennis. "It's a good vice," he said. "It's good for your body and mind.  It's a good way to unwind after a  stressful day at work."


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Stadium Tennis Club (photo above) where we are presently doing the TennisNYC.com tennis league.  We plan to arrange some league games and practice drills at other tennis clubs in the city (Manhattan)  This spring, we will do it in Central Park Tennis Center.  See you at the Tennis Courts! Come play tennis and HAVE FUN!!!!

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Jordan (photo above) played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Thursday night, Jan 13, 2005.  Jordan is a graduate of Syracuse University and majored in Finance.  He has been playing tennis since he was 8 years old, almost every summer, in summer camps where he was sent by his parents.  He now works in the insurance industry and looks forward to playing tennis regularly.  "I just started playing again last December when I went to Florida during the holidays.  There I guess I got the tennis bug again," Jordan confides.  Jordan's forehand and backhand are technically sound and he hits the ball very hard.  "I just need to improve my consistency," he said. 



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