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Abdulmalik Ismaila (photo above) played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Thursday night at the Stadium Tennis Club.  Abdul is a native of South Carolina, where he grew up and participated in a lot of JUNIOR TENNIS COMPETITIONS.  He went to College, graduated with a degree in Finance and played Intramural College Tennis.  "My father [from Nigeria] was the one who encouraged me to play tennis.  Now, after many years, I'm starting to realize how much I love the sport.  I thank my father for that." Abdul presently works for PRUDENTIAL in Manhattan. Abdul has a beautiful forehand, with a full looping take back preparation and a 2 handed backhand.  He is very athletic, has great social attitude and a truly refined southern gentleman.  He is very respectful, educated and has a lot of class.  I [Koko Lani] asked Abdul, being new in NYC, if he has learned how to utter the "F" word yet, and he replied with a sweet southern smile, "Noooo".

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JODI SCHIFFMAN (photo above) amazes many members of the TennisNYC.com league with her tennis skills, talent and athleticism.  Despite being petite, JODI can run for every ball, has a beautiful topspin forehand and 2 handed backhand.  Don't be deceived by Jodi's sweet looks, she is a fighter on the tennis court and doesn't give a lot of free points.  She is also very consistent. JODI teamed up with ALAN for an intermediate games of doubles vs. TOMMY and RYO.  Below is the score: 
1st set Tommy/Ryo def. Jodi/Alan 6-3 
2nd set Jodi/Alan def. Tommy/Ryo 7-5
During the 2 hours, the group did a 20 minute warm up of hitting, rotating to hit with different partners.  The next 20 minutes, the group did some intense tennis drills to work on their groundstrokes, overhead and footwork.  The remaining minutes, the group played a competitive game of intermediate doubles. 

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Photo above (L-R) Jennifer and Robin.  The two ladies above played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Monday night, Jan. 17, 2005.  Robin works for a large real estate company in Manhattan.  She took tennis lessons last spring and has been eagerly trying to improve her consistency.  Jennifer, on the other hand, is very focused on getting her tennis game better.  By the way, Jennifer, at a very young age, is already the President of a tech company based in Manhattan.  Several times during the intense 2 hour tennis drills I asked them if they're OK and if they need a break and they said, "No, its OK, we came here for the work out. This is what we need.  We're just afraid we're gonna be sore tomorrow.  But we feel good!"

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Tony (photo above) played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Monday night, Jan. 18, 2005.  Tony just moved to NYC from Philadelphia.  He used to be a hockey player and is now trying to improve his tennis game and in the process lose some extra pounds.  He took some tennis lessons last September and since then he has been trying to work on his game.



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