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(Photo L-R) Gerry O. and Thomas Blondet played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Saturday night, Feb. 19, 2005.  Gerry works full time at Mt. Sinai Hospital on the Upper East Side while Thomas Blondet is an intern for Merrill Lynch.  Thomas is from Lyon, France and has been in NYC for only six months. "I like it here," he said.  "NYC is very exciting, not boring"

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(Photo above L-R) Alan Yeung and Joe Zara both played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Friday night.  Alan played 2 hours of intense hitting (singles), tennis drills and singles games.  During the tennis drills, Alan had to stop for a few breaks to catch his breath, however soon after that, his conditioning got better and better.  "This is the most exercise I have gotten in a few months!" he said excitedly.  Alan works full time as a tax consultant.  He graduated from SUNY Albany few years ago and played tennis in High School.  He hits with a big western grip on the forehand side and he is the first player in the TennisNYC.com league who plays a serve and volley game!  Welcome to the group, Alan!  

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(Photo above L-R) Joe, Janice, Sherlia and Eric are some of the players who played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Friday night, Feb. 11, 2005.  They played a round robin of doubles, singles, and hitting.  Eric def. Joe 6-2 in Singles while Sherlia/Joe def. Eric/Janice 6-3 in mixed doubles. Joe works for IBM, Janice is an art appraiser, Sherlia is a software developer while Eric is a successful businessman.  This group symbolizes the beauty of tennis - uniting people from all walks of life!

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Joe Zara (photo above) is an Italian-American who grew up in Brooklyn then moved to Long Island and played tennis in his High School's JV team.  "Can't you tell my Brooklyn accent?" he jokes. He is an advanced tennis player, hits the ball hard from both sides and considers Agassi as his tennis idol.  He currently plays at night with the TennisNYC.com league members.  "I get awesome exercise doing this league," he said.

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Adam Burton (photo above) was ranked in the top 25 Open Division in the state of Georgia a few years back.  He presently works as a lawyer in NYC and plays tennis at the TennisNYC.com tennis league some evenings.  His photo above shows a winning backhand form, with a full follow through, always keeping his eye on the ball, ready for the next shot.



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