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Photo above (L-R) Tommy, Jodi, Ryo and Alan played at the INTERMEDIATE LEVEL TennisNYC.com tennis league last Wednesday night, Jan 19, 2005. Tommy is already a regular player of the league.  He has been playing in the intermediate group ever since the league started.  Jodi, is also another regular player of the TennisNYC.com league.  Like Tommy, Jodi has been playing with the league from the very beginning.  Jodi is in her mid-20s, works in Children's Television, and has played competitive tennis in high school.  Ryo is from Tokyo, Japan.  He just recently moved to NYC to study for his masters degree at Fordham University, played for more than 15 years in Tokyo.  Alan is involved in Finance.  Alan has been playing tennis for many years and just recently picked up his racquet again after getting the bug from attending the TOTAL TENNIS CAMP last summer.  He is expecting his first baby in September.

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Norma Brockman (photo above) is a teaching PRO at the Stadium Tennis Club.  She has been teaching tennis since 1976.  Ms. Brockman has a college degree in Special Education and has taken Masters in Education.  During the day, she works at a Day Care Education Center teaching Kids and works at the Stadium Tennis Club at night.  "She is a good tennis teacher," one player said. "She knows how to teach and has lots of experience." If you want to contact Ms. Brockman, her phone number is 212 663-9006 (work) and 914 328-0368 (home) Her email is rbdcc@aol.com 

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Peter (photo above) is a regular teaching PRO at the Stadium Tennis Club.  He is a graduate of BYU in Hawaii and played college tennis for a few years.  If you need to contact him, please email us and we will forward your request.  "I charge $50 and $60 per hour, It's $60 for men and $50 for women, just kidding" he said with a smile.  "I'm good, believe me. I look good and people find me.  I don't need a business card."  Although Peter is from Hungary, he spent a few years in Hawaii where he picked up the Aloha spirit.  "After several years in NYC, I think I am losing the Aloha spirit in me.  It's now Hang tough, no longer Hang loose! I don't like the attitude in the city."   

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Tennis player waiting to volley the ball during the doubles match of TennisNYC.com tennis league held last Tuesday night, Jan 11. 2005 at the Stadium Tennis Club.

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Stadium Tennis Club in the Bronx.

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Photo above shows some of the players who played in the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Sunday night, January 10, 2005.  (L-R) Gerry (4.5 player), who works as a staff nurse, Fred (4.5 player), works as a building manager in Manhattan, and Scott (4.0 player), works in an investment company.  Scott just moved to NYC from Houston few months ago.  "I'm so happy to find the website, TennisNYC.com, " Scott said. "You have to belong to a group like this in order to meet people in the city and come out of your apartment especially during winter.  I'm glad I came.  I'm just afraid I'm gonna be sore tomorrow."

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Photo above shows some of the players who played in the TennisNYC.com league last Saturday night (Jan 8).  (L-R) Fred (4.5 player) who brought his son Oscar to watch, Pete Bassey (5.0 player) and Michael (4.5 player).  "I had a great time.  I need this to unwind and to get some exercise especially this winter." Fred said.  After a few months of not playing tennis, Fred said, "Oh, I miss the sounds of the tennis balls.  This place brings back that nice feeling when I hear the sounds of the tennis balls."



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