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The Catholic Priest from the Philippines, Father Joy (photo L) def. The Methodist Pastor from the Upper East Side, Pastor Bill Shillady (photo R) 6-3 3-1 (bell rang)
Date of the Match: Friday, May 27, 2005 (9am start) in Central Park Tennis Center

Father Joy and Pastor Bill have many things in common.  They are both spiritually enlightened, very friendly, down to earth and don't want to lose a tennis match!  They both have great fighting spirits (no pun intended) and enjoys playing tennis in between ministering for their NYC flocks. However, there are 2 major differences between them.  Pastor Bill jokingly said, "Pastors can curse too on the tennis courts!" For Father Joy, cursing is a BIG NO NO whether on or off the tennis courts. The second difference is, "There is NO GOD on the tennis court!" Pastor Bill jokes.  For Father Joy, GOD is everywhere, and that means even on the tennis courts!  Who will God choose to win? The angels delivered the verdict! Father Joy won 6-3 1-3
Pastor Bill said after the match:
"So Father Joy defeated me. We had some long games and volleys. His spin and young hustle beat out the old pastor. Second set, I was up 3-1. when the bell rang. Thanks. He and I had fun. We are well matched.


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