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"The Battle of the 2 Chinese Tennis Warriors"

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(Photo above L-R) Eric Jin (Canton China) and William Young (Beijing China).  The much anticipated "Battle of the Chinese Tennis Warriors" in NYC, finally happened last Saturday night, March 5, 2005 at the tennis league.  Eric Jin (from Canton China) and William Young (from Beijing China) blasted tennis balls from all sides of the tennis court for more than 2 hours.  William Young def. Eric Jin 6-0 7-5 in the first 2 sets before Eric finally regained control of the match and won the third set 6-4.  "He is a good player," Eric said humbly while giving a thumbs up sign at his opponent on the other side of the court. William said, "The match against Eric was a physical war filled with long grueling rallies from the baseline."

Date of Match: March 5, 2005
Final Score:

1st Set William won 6-0
2nd Set William won 7-5
3rd Set Eric won 6-4
4th Set Eric won 6-2
5th Set Eric leading 3-1 until they were kicked out of the tennis court by the club janitor because the Club is already closing.  Their match lasted until 12 midnight!

PHOTO BELOW SHOWS Mr. Eric Jin (Left), from Canton China and Mr. William Young (Right) from Beijing China
Below is Eric Jin's EMAIL:

Hello Koko:

First of all, I should apologize to you and William since I arrived at court at 9:05pm tonight, due to heavy traffic. But not an excuse.

William is the strongest player that I have ever met since I joined this league. I played with so many players before and my leathel weapon was, using my strong forehand, hit the ball to opponent's back hand. It did work before. But tonight, it turned out that I was totally wrong. William's back hand is even stronger and more stable than his forehand. I was doing that way in first set and didn't survive. 0-6. Shame on me, this is also the first time I have such score since I joined the league.

In second set, I knew that if I keep playing like that, it is not gonna work. So I started hitting ball to deep corners, not only to his back hand side. This set was really close, after 5-5 and he won the last 2 games. 7-5.

In third set, after getting the feel of climbing up hill in second set, I kept doing more wide angle shots, and I learned that William seemed to slow down a bit. So it worked and I won 6-4. Similar situation in fourth set. And I won 6-2.

The final set(the fifth set) was interrupted as time was up. Tonight's score:
0-6, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2.

Comments about William: He has very strong back hands, I'd say it is just like professional. It is hard to win a point from him if he uses back hand. He runs fast and never gives up. So many times I tried to hit wide angle shots to both sides and he saved! The only weak point that he has is serve, which I can take advantage of. Actually, he is indeed a great and tough player. To defeat him is never easy until you completely get into top shape.

Below is William Young's EMAIL:


The match against Eric was a physical war filled with long grueling rallies from the baseline.  In the first set I started on fire: hitting my serve well, making few errors and dictating points.  In the second set Eric picked up his game and his inside out forehands started finding my backhand corner of the court.  Luckily I was able to counter with my backhand and I took the set. 

The third set was much like the second and we were tied at 4 all.  Serving at 4-5, I missed a game point by hitting a put away smash into the net.  Then my racquet grip unraveled and so did my game as I lost the set.  In the fourth set, I switched to my backup racquet but it did not help as I threw in some double faults. 

Being the warrior you described, Eric sensed his opportunity and forced me into long rallies as I grew more tired.  He took the fourth easily.  I could not believe I was a few points from winning in 3 sets and was now tied at 2 sets all.   In the fifth, Eric offered to regrip my original rasquet with his overgrip.   I was then  able to mount a mini comeback from 0-3 down before we were kicked off the court.