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"The Battle of the Italian dude from Brooklyn vs. the FEISTY Chinese-American warrior from Beijing"

Date of Match: March 18, 2005
Final Score:
Joe Zara def. William Young 6-0 
William def. Joe Zara 7-6 (9-7 tiebreak)

PHOTO below SHOWS William Young from Beijing China ready to return the spin serve with a little kick from Joe Zara, the famous Italian DUDE from Brooklyn.
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Hello Koko:

Final Score for the night: Joe wins first set 6-0, William wins second set 7-6 (10-8).

I enjoyed playing William tonight.  It was a fun match and I was happy that I held my serve games pretty consistently throughout the evening.  I believe that my tennis thought process is slowly coming back to me and I am beginning to play more strategically again.  Against William that was important because he has a few definite strengths I would prefer to avoid.  The second set breaker was nice and long with some fun rallies.  William and I unfortunately were unable to play the decider as only a few minutes remained after the second set. never should have left....according to the results of this match it seems to be quite obvious that you are my lucky charm...Oh well, another exciting thriller of a match played at!  Talk to you soon!


Below is William Young's EMAIL:


Joe's puts a massive amount of topspin on his shots.  In the first set I had trouble dealing with the waist level shots and was beaten harshly 0-6.  In the second set, we both played better tennis and engaged in some very long rallies.  

It was on serve until 3-3 when I finally broke Joe for 4-3.  Unfortunately I could not consolidate as he broke me right back.  

The same situation happened at 5-4 as I was broken again serving for the set.  The set went to a tiebreak which I won on my 4th set
point.  The final score was 0-6, 7-6 (9-7)   

Thanks for the match!