TennisNYC league members are from all over the world!
They are nice, friendly and well-educated professionals who love the sport! 

Thank you for joining TennisNYC league this WINTER/SPRING/SUMMER/FALL 2015 in NYC/NJ!!!


Sign up now! This is a special discounted league fee rate, recurring every 30 days.


Signing up and joining the league means you agree to the terms and conditions stated below.

By clicking on PAYPAL button above, you agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only cancel or suspend your league membership after 4 months from the time you sign up.  REFUNDS will not be issued for whatever reason/s.  However, I reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time for whatever reason/s in order to protect the integrity of the league.  If I cancel your membership, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Evaluation fee is also not refundable.

Once you cancel your league membership after 4 months with the group and decide to rejoin at a later date or season, you will pay the prevailing or current league fee, with exceptions, and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted again. Your re-acceptance to the league is not automatic.  It will go through a review process based on your previous performance and dealings with the group.

After the 4 month minimum league membership and you no longer want to continue your league membership, please email me (my email address below this page) and as soon as I read your email, I will cancel your membership within seconds c/o paypal.

If your league membership is cancelled or terminated either by you or any of representatives, you are no longer permitted to play with current league members or contact them with the intention of playing tennis with them outside of the league. Any violation of this agreement will result in a $5,000 fine.  

You will NOT be entitled to a refund until you have completed the minimum 4 months required to join the league.

After the 4th month, I will only refund your league fee if your absence in the league covers the entire 30 day period and if you will tell me (by email or phone call) in advance before the 30 day period starts.  I don't give refunds for 1 week or 2 weeks or 3 weeks absence in the league otherwise I will be spending lots of time on the computer figuring out the dates and refunding every member. If I do that I will need to hire a full time accountant and your league fee will go up.

You are not permitted to share emails and other private information of league members with NON-MEMBERS or EX-MEMBERS of the league. Any violation of this policy will result in the immediate cancellation of your league membership.

Please be aware that your cell number and email address will be sent by email to your tennis partners who are league members on a regular basis in order to effectively arrange your tennis matches. Also, you need to email me your valid work/home phone numbers and valid work/home address when you join the league.  If you are opposed to this kind of policy, please don't sign up and join the league. 

 AFTER THE DRILLS AND EVALUATION SESSION, assuming you are ready to play/hit or play matches, you can schedule a tennis game for a MAXIMUM of 3x per week with exceptions plus the weekend (Saturday and/or SUNDAY). Your standard league fee of $90 will be a recurring (automatic) payment every 30 days. Besides the league fee of $90 each 30 days, you will pay your portion of the court fees if you play at a private tennis club ie Roosevelt Island Tennis Club, especially during FALL and WINTER weekend ROUND ROBIN matches INDOORS. If you play at a public OUTDOOR tennis court in NYC or NJ, the courts are free.  However, during the outdoor tennis season in NYC from mid March/April to November, you will need a NYC TENNIS PERMIT. You need to be FLEXIBLE with regards to your tennis schedule. You WILL NOT always get the court time/day/partner, but I will try my best.  

Besides the league fees, please click HERE to pay for your evaluation/drills fee:

As soon as I receive your payments (league fee + evaluation fee) through PAYPAL, I will promptly make contact with you through email and/or phone call to schedule drills and evaluation.  


PLEASE Email me at anytime if you have any questions and other related concerns.

Contact League Director: Koko Lani

My emails:

201 208 4798 my cell #



The league's primary purpose is to unite people through tennis and to help players improve their tennis game and for you to be able to socialize and meet other people who are friendly, professional and into sports.