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Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 2005 in Central Park Tennis Center (photo above)
The Central Park Tennis Center was packed with hundreds of tennis players last Monday.  The NO SHOW list was very long, more than 2 pages of names, that most players waiting for their name to be called got frustrated and left.  Those who stayed and got a court had a wonderful time playing tennis.

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Japanese Friends of (L-R) Ken, Steven Chen (TennisNYC League member), Kinoshita and Nobu in Central Park Tennis Courts last Saturday morning, May 28, 2005.

Friday, May 27, 2005:
Father Joy def. Pastor Bill 9am 6-3 1-3
Alan Yeung (photo L serve and volley player) def. Jean Telfort (baseliner) 7pm 7-6
Jean said after the match: "Alan was so happy he finally won against me. It was very close."
Steven Chen def. Stephanie Kramer 6pm  6-1 
Steven said after the match: "I came to the net many times to finish the points because my forehand wasn't working today.  My forehand kept hitting the net."
Roman Livson vs. Jason Oster 6-6 tied when the bell rang. 7pm start

Saturday, May 28, 2005:
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Ramesh Parameswar def. Roman Livson (photo L-R) 6-1 
Roman said after the match: "I attended a Bachelors party last night so I missed a lot of shots."
Ramesh said after the match: "I just went for my shots, sometimes I didn't even know where my shots were going. No, I didn't intentionally play his backhand."

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Steven Chen def. Ken Shane (photo above L-R) 7-6 (7-2 tiebreak) 10am start
Steven said after the match: "My mom made me a big breakfast because she knows I'm playing a match this morning. My opponent was up 5-3, I turned the match around by not playing conservative and just going for my shots."
Kevin Gregory vs. Vipul (match cancelled by Vipul) 10:30am start in EDGEWATER
Steven Chen def. Jim Pepin 6-3 in EDGEWATER
Jim said after the match: "I'm still finding my backhand.  The only shot I have is my forehand."
Susan Nunn vs. Stephanie Kramer 2pm start
Steven Chen def. Jim Pepin 6-3 in Edgewater Tennis Courts.

Sunday, May 29, 2005:
Susan Nunn vs. Sherif Milad (confirmed)
Ken Shane def. Jim Pepin (photo L) 6-2 5-3 (bell rang) 2pm 
Ken said after the match: "He has good strokes but he needs practice. I kept the ball in play and at the end I started charging the net.  Jim has good technique and in a few weeks, he will be a very good player."
Roman Livson def. Steven Chen 6-3 10am start 
Steven said: "We were even at 3-3, after that, every game went to deuces and each time I lost because I got nervous."
Jean Telfort  vs. Ramesh Parameswar 8am
1st set Ramesh def. Jean 6-1
2nd set Jean def. Ramesh 7-5
3rd set Ramesh and Jean tied at 1-1 (bell rang)
Jean (photo L) said after the match: "I kept serving to his forehand in the first set.  I think his backhand is better and flat so its harder to get.  His forehand is a high topspin so its easier to return.  In the second set, I tried to serve wide, pulled him wide and it was effective.  I made him ran more."
Ramesh said: "Jean changed the whole game in the second set. He returned well and my backhand shots weren't as deep and consistent."

Monday, May 30, 2005:
Vipul vs. Steven Chen
5-6 ON SERVE when the bell rang. 6pm 


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