We play all seasons, all year, 7 days/nights per week!!! Indoor and outdoors tennis in NYC and NJ!!!

INDOORS TENNIS IS ALSO FUN! We play indoors and outdoors, singles and doubles!!!
(Photo L-R standing) Lisa, Elizabeth, SzeTho, Arlene, Joana
(L-R sitting) Ayal, John, Joe, Vien and Shien
They all played tennis indoors.  Some players even went out for a nice dinner of authentic Italian Pizza!!! GREAT TENNIS, great company, great weekend!!!
"Doubles was great fun yesterday, thanks!" Ayal said.

Raining? We play indoors!!!
(L-R) Elaine, Ayako, Bryan, Jaman, Pablo, SzeTho, Kevin and Romulus played indoors due to rainy weather. "It was a lot of fun!" Ayako said after her doubles match.

Do you want to SWEAT!?! Tennis is a great form of exercise!
Raining? No problem! We play indoors! 
(L-R) TennisNYC league members - Harish, Romulus, Vien and Pablo worked up a sweat playing INDOORS!!!

Weekend DOUBLES INDOORS round robin is Fun!
(L-R standing) Kris, Rick, Woei, Shien, Bryan, Jeana, Kristen, Vita 
(L-R sitting) Vien, Eric, Iwaya and Scott were some of the TennisNYC players who played round robin doubles INDOORS! Great fun!!!

Photo above shows some league members (L-R) Clayton, Donald, Rick, TK, JF, Maggie, Sharon, SzeTho, Joanna and David.

The Friendly Advertising Executive Who Loves Playing Tennis
Lee Roth (photo above) is a talented tennis player.  He said in his email, "I used to be fairly good when I played in high school, but I've only played maybe twice a year since then.  I have some rust to work off!" It didn't take long during the evaluation/hitting session for Lee to pick up where he left off.  Welcome to the league, Lee!!!

The handsome tennis player with TennisNYC league members
(L-R) Thuy, Iwaya and Fred Stoleru
Fred Stoleru is seen above socializing with some of TennisNYC league members before the match.  Fred said, "I am a 35 year old male living in Hoboken who has played tennis most of my life, just never competitively. Looking to make tennis a bigger part of my hobbies." Fred has a great positive attitude and friendly personality, very athletic and enjoys working out. Fred has a strong first serve, solid forehand and powerful overhead!! Welcome to the league, Fred!!!

(L-R) Bryan, William, Reza, Thuy, Maggie, Marlene, Dan, Gene and Eugene.

New Year 2008! New TennisNYC friends!
(L-R) Eugene, Takashi, Maggie, Alan, William, Reza, Thuy, Meena, Bryan, Jeni and Sharon.

(L-R) Kamal, Maggie, Rishi, Christopher, Dan, Bryan, Marcio, Kevin, David and Matthew!

TennisNYC league members keep improving!!! 
(L-R are photos of some league members this winter and the areas of their game that improved a lot!) Scott- volleys, Bryan- serve and backhand, Iwaya- serve, Kevin- footwork and flexibility, Christopher- spin serve, Joanna- forehand and footwork, Missy- motivation and Reza- conditioning.  

Raining outside? No problem! Let's play tennis indoors!
(L-R) Iwaya, Joanna, Takeshi, Francesca, Beth, Reza, Alan and Bryan had fun playing round robin tennis indoors.

TennisNYC league members play a lot of tennis! We play OUTDOORS and INDOORS!!! 
(L-R standing) Steven, Reza, Lee, Jaman, Bryan, John and Kris
(L-R sitting) Josette, Jeana, Iwaya and Romulus
Photo above shows some of the league members who played round robin doubles/singles. 

The busy real estate lawyer who loves playing tennis!
Karen Scanna (photo above) was so happy to find TennisNYC group, "I had no idea this even existed!".  Karen has solid tennis fundamentals, very athletic, nice friendly personality and loves the game! Welcome to Spring and SUMMER 2008 TennisNYC league, Karen!


INDOOR tennis is FUN!!! 
TennisNYC players had lots of fun playing round robin doubles/ Mens doubles/ Mixed doubles tournament INDOORS last Friday night Nov 23, 2007. (Photo above standing L-R) Bryan, Harish, Dan, Shien, Ji, SzeTho, Marlene and Maggie (Photo above sitting L-R) Lee, Scott, Mark and Jacquie.  "We had a great time tonight!" Marlene said.

Weekend doubles is a great exercise!
(Photo above L-R) Omar, Danielle, Bryan, Scott, Tom and Ji Zhang.

TennisNYC DOUBLES are fun! 
Photo above shows some of the TennisNYC players who participated in the MIXED DOUBLES round robin tournament! Come and join us! Play tennis and meet nice friendly players and get some needed exercise this SPRING and SUMMER 2008!

Good looking, great tennis athletes! 
Photo above shows Ayal and Alexandre, TennisNYC league members, enjoying the cool sunny weather outdoors! Ayal is in the FINALS of the Intermediate TennisNYC tournament while Alexandre is playing in theTennisNYC Advanced tournament!

Round robin Mens doubles and mixed doubles on Fri nights, Sat nights and Sunday afternoon (indoors), 7 nights a week match pairings, Round robin Mens Singles Intermediate tournament, Round robin Mixed Doubles Tournament, Round robin Mens Advanced tournament, Round robin womens doubles, Tennis Bachelors/Bachelorettes tennis camp at the Florida Tennis Center, Lose weight, improve your tennis game at TennisNYC Tennis Camp at the Florida Tennis Center, Free outdoors weekend drills/lessons and conditioning programs, Weekend Tennis parties, Weekend Tennis Get-Aways in Daytona Beach, Florida and more!!! We play indoors and outdoors! STAY ACTIVE this SPRING and SUMMER 2008, PLAY Tennis and meet nice friends!!! Email me for details!

Photo above is TennisNYC's official logo!
(Photo image above is for the exclusive use of TennisNYC.  All rights reserved. Artwork courtesy of Tim Costa.)

North Carolina Charm!
Rachel Hodges (photo above right) grew up playing tennis in North Carolina. She personifies the south - charming, friendly, down to earth and very polite! "Rachel is a very talented player and exhibits great potential to become an excellent tennis player in the near future!", Eric (photo above L), TennisNYC coach said.


Great night, great games, great tennis memories!
"Thanks for the memories!" Kevin said after playing 2 hours of intense but fun doubles with other TennisNYC players.  Shown above in the center, is Scott McHugh, who won an awesome TennisNYC hat for the 2nd time this week!