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Li Huong (photo above) from Beijing China, is a new member of the TennisNYC winter tennis league!!!





PHOTOS and SCORES BELOW from Nov 12, 2005, Saturday round robin tennis! What a great day of tennis! Nice players, great happy smiling faces, sunny cool weather, great tennis!!! Thank you all for coming!!!

Steven Chen is back in ACTION!!!
After doing 13 job interviews and studying for the exams, Steven Chen (3rd from left) rushed to the tennis courts to join fellow league members to play 4 hours of tennis!
(L-R) Mia Ocampo, Matthew McDermott, Steven Chen and Kyoko Unayama 

Nice SMILE Susan!!! 
(L-R) David Hock, Robin Zhang, Susan Lung and Peter Lam

Let's have a toast for the great warm November tennis weather!!! We love GLOBAL WARMING!!! LOL..
(Photo L-R) Matthew McDermott and Steven Chen enjoying a drink of hot green tea and Gatorade in between sets of singles and doubles.

Nice SMILE Albert!!!
(Photo L-R) Srinu, Albert Lung, David Hock and Henry Sanchez
"I like playing doubles!" - David Hock

Welcome back from your trip to China, Eric Jin!!!
The first thing that Eric Jin did after he got home from his trip to China is email me (Koko) regarding round robin tennis schedule!!!
(Photo L-R) Marco Spranger and Eric Jin

Let's have breakfast!!! Delicious Panera bagels, Hot Healthy Green Tea and bottled water!!!
League Members (photo above) are enjoying their Saturday morning socializing, eating breakfast in between playing singles and doubles!!!

Below are the match scores from last Saturday's round robin, Nov 12, 2005, 10:30am to 2:30pm. Thank you all for coming!! 


Iwaya def Dina Jordan 6-2
Sanjith Rai def Rahul Kumar 6-4
Eric Jim def Peter Lam 6-2
Matthew McDermott def Mia Ocampo 7-5
Eric Jin vs Marco Spranger
 (1st set) Marco Spranger def Eric Jin 6-2
 (2nd set) Eric Jin def Marco Spranger 6-4
Srinu def Albert Lung 6-1
Steven Chen def Matthew McDermott 6-3
Marco Spranger def Alan Yeung 6-0 6-1
Peter Lam def Steven 6-0 6-3
David Hock def Srinu 6-4


Eric Jin/Robin Zhang def Kyoko Unayama/Henry Sanchez 6-2
Iwaya/Henry Sanchez def Kyoko Unayama/Robin Zhang 6-1
Srinu/Sanjith Rai def Rahul Kumar/David Hock 7-5
Steven Chen/Kyoko Unayama def Mia Ocampo/Matthew McDermott 7-5
Anna Balquiedra/Iwaya def Peter Lam/Jane Park 6-4
David Hock/Robin Zhang vs Susan Lung/Peter Lam ??
Robin Zhang/Alan Yeung def Henry Sanchez/Kyoko Unayama 6-2
Mia Ocampo/Jerry Hao def Matthew McDermott/Jane Park 6-2 6-4

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