TennisNYC Weekend Get-Away!!!
Florida Tennis Center/ Daytona Beach, Florida
at the TennisNYC Vacation home!

"I had an amazing time this weekend!" - Maggie

"I had an incredible weekend! Great food, wonderful tennis and lots of fun things to do such as taking a dip or stroll at the beach and swim at the clubhouse!" - Romulus

"My tennis improved from Eric's drills and we played many fun and exciting sets.  Thanks for all the wonderful memories!" - Joanna

"It's such a pleasure to be part of this great group!" - Sharon

"We had some of the most fun tennis!" - Kevin

"It was a wonderful tennis vacation! Unforgettable!" - Reza

"It was a very stress-free and enjoyable weekend! I can't wait to go back!" - Marlene

(Photo above L-R) Iwaya, Joanna, Maggie, Marlene, Sharon, Eric, Reza, Kevin and Romulus
TennisNYC league members experience awesome Tennis weekend get-aways at the TennisNYC vacation home in Daytona Beach Florida next to the Florida Tennis Center!

Fabulous well-maintained first class Tennis facility with 26 clay courts! - The Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach Florida!
TennisNYC vacation home is only a few steps from this great facility! It's a tennis paradise!!!!

Nice forehand, Iwaya!

TennisNYC gives awards each year to outstanding league members!
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Eric, TennisNYC coach, teaching Joanna how to volley!

Life is a BEACH!
The waves will take all your stress away!

Let's check out the waves, Romulus!

TennisNYC league members enjoy a great vacation/weekend 
tennis get-aways! Sweet lobsters!

Maggie got the "Most Consistent TennisNYC Player of 2007" Award!

Hakuna is the Mascot of the league! Great dog!
We are one family!

All you can eat Alaskan Snow Crabs!!!


"I can't wait to go back!" - Marlene

THANK YOU MY SWEET TENNISNYC FRIENDS! Hope to see you again! Thanks for the great memories that will surely last a lifetime! See you again in NYC! - Kokolani, League Director

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TennisNYC tennis league is the #1 tennis league in NYC! TennisNYC is the most prestigious tennis league in NYC! TennisNYC league members are nice, super-friendly, athletic, has great positive attitude and well-educated! Most of them are lawyers, doctors, IT professionals and Finance Managers from all over the world! We emphasize friendship, sportsmanship and improvement of your tennis game! We welcome all nationalities from different parts of the world to join our group!