We are the #1 Tennis League in NYC! Number 1 in GOOGLE rankings in Tennis in NYC! 
Thank you all for making TennisNYC a very successful tennis league in NYC!!!

Some exciting 2007 photos of TennisNYC league members below!

Ohhhhhh....  Sweet MEMORIES!!! HAPPY TIMES! GREAT MOMENTS of laughter and friendships!!!

Hello Mate! Cookin any shrimps on the barbi and havin' some tinnies (Fosters)?: Sunil and Hugh
Sunil (photo above L), originally from Sydney, looks very much like the Australian Superstar, Mark Phillipousis.  Just like the Australian PRO, Sunil's got the looks, easy going personality and the game! Hugh (photo above R) just graduated from Harvard, played for the High School tennis team, and has great tennis technique and friendly personality! Welcome to TennisNYC league! No worries Mate!

Let's play tennis after work until it gets dark.. LOL..
Photo above are some members who played tennis under the moonlight OUTDOORS after work until 10pm!!! A great way to de-stress from work!!!

The Grade School Teacher and The Money Man!
(L-R) William (Grade School Teacher) and Anthony (Finance) met during the TennisNYC drills/evaluation prior to joining the Fall/Winter league and had a great time! William played for his high school tennis team and would like to start playing again on a regular basis.  On the other hand, Anthony, who likes playing beach volleyball, is very eager to improve his tennis skills.  Welcome to SPRING and SUMMER 2008 tennis league season!

TennisNYC Womens Tournament Match!!!
(L-R) Jacquie and Marlene forgot about the stress of their demanding corporate jobs during their TennisNYC match.  Both ladies love the game of tennis, have great friendly personality and enjoyed the exercise and fun friendly competition/atmosphere of the league.  Win or lose, TennisNYC is about FUN, great exercise and meeting nice friendly tennis players in NYC!!!

"I'm amazed to see how much Romulus has progressed in the short time i've known him!" Myles said about Romulus' game.
(L-R) Myles, Romulus, Steven Oh and Reza played doubles last Saturday.

Meet new friends, get exercise, improve your tennis skills and have fun - TennisNYC league!
(L-R) Eric (coach), Rosemarijn, TJ Soares, Jenisteen and Matt hit hundreds of tennis balls, practice on their serve and got lessons from Eric, TennisNYC league coach before playing with other league members!

(L-R) Maggie, Reza, Beng and Steve

You cannot be serious!!!
(L-R photo above) Joe Hodge and Calvin Chan just before the start of their TennisNYC 1st rd Intermediate tournament match.  "Calvin actually aced me in the 2nd set but the sun went away, and my serves went in!" Joe said after the match.  Tournament prize is a free vacation in Daytona Beach at the awesome Florida Tennis Center. Click here for photos.

Uh..oh.. Heat alert!!! Tennis Emergency!!
Whats wrong Myles? Can't stand the heat? Photo above shows some TennisNYC league members resting after playing more than 3 hours of doubles! Take advantage of the few remaining days of Summer outdoor weather and get ready for the nice cool Fall tennis season! Come out and play tennis! (L-R) Jaman, Steve, Bryan and Myles. "I had an awesome time! Thank you all for an exhausting but super fun afternoon!" Myles said. "I had a great time! Really fun doubles!" Bryan said. "Perfect weather and good partners!" Steve said. "I second that! Really fun tennis!" Jaman said. Tennis is a great form of exercise and you will meet nice friends too!

New programs, regular and new members, cardio tennis drills, round robin games, singles/doubles/mixed doubles, tennis tournaments, tennis outings in Daytona beach, Florida and more!!! Advanced beginners to advanced tennis players welcome!!! We welcome all nationalities, race, gender etc etc. Tennis is a great way to lose weight, cure boredom and depression, meet nice and athletic professionals!!! STAY FIT, HEALTHY AND POSITIVE!!!

TennisNYC promotes friendship through the sport of Tennis!
We encourage all nationalities to join! We play everywhere in NYC and NJ, day and night, 7 days a week, Indoors and Outdoors, all seasons! Come and join us! Stay active and healthy!

Great Weekend Morning of Tennis and Friends!
TennisNYC league members are from all over the world!
(L-R) Katherine, Ita, Scott, Andrea, Carolina, Miho, Arlene and Magno all had a great time playing several hours of tennis!

Come and join us this SUMMER 2008 season!
(L-R) Tom Soares and Ricky Miaw just before their tournament match! Good match!!!

Nice Day! Nice Game! Nice Friendly Match!
(L-R photo above) Harry Allen and Nik played in the TennisNYC Advanced tournament!

Busy busy businessman!
John Florez, TennisNYC league member, owns and runs 2 major businesses, notably a prestigious recruiting firm.  Check out his website at www.florezgroup.com  In between his busy schedule, he tries to find time to play tennis for relaxation and exercise.  John is shown above in Central Park Tennis Center after a great tennis workout.  John is an excellent tennis player and has a great friendly personality! TennisNYC league members play everywhere in NYC and NJ, 7 days a week, night and day, outdoors and indoors, all year!

As part of TennisNYC's continuing effort to improve the skills of every member of the league, starting this SPRING and SUMMER 2008 TennisNYC league members will get FREE coaching, lessons, drills!!!
(L-R) Omar, Eric (league coach), Collette, Magnus, Arlene and Maritza participated in the backhand drills!
Everyone learned something and had a great tennis workout!!!

"We had a great time!"
Alexandre and Ita did more than 1 1/2 hours of intense drills and tennis lesson to prepare them for the Fall Tennis League.  Alexandre played nationals in Canada before moving to NYC few months ago.  He was a ranked player in Canada, has an awesome talent and great footwork/speed! Both players have great friendly personality.  Ita graduated from Princeton, very bubbly and shared tons of funny trader jokes after the drills.  She has a great backhand and excellent conditioning!

The beauty from Reno!
Katherine Colyer (photo above) has a great down to earth personality, athletic, and motivated to improve her tennis game.  


The Grade School Teacher and the Neuro-Scientist!
Stay active and healthy this SPRING and SUMMER 2008!
Tennis is a great way to meet nice friends and stay active and healthy!
(L-R) Eric, TennisNYC coach, Alison (Teacher) and Deanna (PH D in Neuro Science).


TennisNYC members are from different parts of the world!
(L-R photo above) Ricky Miaw, Romulus, Peter and Tom Soares played round robin doubles!

Johan Willem (photo above right), from Europe, is not bothered by cold weather in NYC! "I don't mind the cold weather at all! Tennis is a great exercise! I enjoy it!" Johan said after his practice/lesson with Eric, the league coach.  Johan is practicing before playing matches with other TennisNYC league members.  Johan is single, works in finance, and studied for a year in Argentina. He has a great smile, and friendly easy going personality!  Hakuna, the ball girl/dog of the league is also shown above.  Hakuna loves to pick up tennis balls!!!!

Awesome Tennis Players, Awesome TennisNYC hats!
(L-R photo above) Alexandre and Vishal, advanced TennisNYC players, wearing awesome, well-made, classy TennisNYC hats, taking a short break during their intense singles match indoors.  "I need to exercise and run! I miss playing tennis!" Vishal said after his successful business trip from China and Hongkong.

Tennis is Blood, Sweat, Tears and BLISTERS!
Said Frances (photo above) graduated with a Masters degree from MIT, played Div 3 college tennis and presently works in NYC.  His favorite tennis players? "Nadal and Baghdatis!" Just like Baghdatis, the charming professional tennis player, Said, was born in Lebanon. Unlike Baghdatis who migrated to France to fine tune his tennis skills, Said went to MIT. "I learned how to hit a backhand topspin in the US.  I used to just hit a slice backhand," he explains. Welcome to NYC!

Good Looking, Great Tennis Players, Nice Personality and Professionals and all members of TennisNYC league!
(L-R) Myles, Miguel, Joshua, Marc, Michael, Eric, Chris, Gopal and Bryan.  

(L-R) Alan, Yu, Eric, Nikhiel and Iwaya. Alan lives in Hoboken.

(L-R) Chioma, Vipul, Sid and Dana. Chioma, Vipul and Dana live in NJ.

Worlds Apart, Sharing the same love for the sport!
(L-R) Priyo Chaterjee, born in India and presently living in Jersey City, and Fernando Montero, born in Peru, share the same love for the sport of tennis.  They both have excellent tennis technique, well educated and have great personality.  Priyo said, "My main interest in the league is to do something I love and, as a great by-product, get fitter as well as meet people with similar interests." Welcome to the league!

Andrew Shapiro (photo above) Ex college tennis player from Lehigh U, works for IMG!

Don't stay home when its nice outside! Play Tennis!

Sid Malik (photo above) shows his Roger Federer one hand backhand! Works as Engineering Manager!
All members of the league!

Linda Song (photo above) played for her High School tennis team! Has Masters degree from Paris. Speaks French!

EMAIL ME to join our tennis league!

The Medical Doctor who loves playing tennis!
Sam Dychter (photo above in NYC Central Park Tennis Center) is a Medical Director for a US Medical firm.  He has great enthusiasm for the game, athletic and has great positive energy and motivation to improve his tennis skills.  Welcome to the league, Dr. Sam!!! BTW, watch out for Sam's low forehand shot with tons of spins!!!

We are Tennis Family!
(Photo above L-R) Missy, Denise, Eric Bianchini, Sanjith, Sharon, Marlene and Maggie had fun playing tennis. The early Fall weather was perfect for playing tennis and meeting new friends!!!

"You cannot be serious!!!"
(Photo L-R) Jim Gaffney aka John McEnroe for his emotional outbursts on the tennis court, Emily Somerville, Dan Kanemoto and Iwaya Shizuoko.

Tennis is a great workout!!!
Missy Pool had a great time doing tennis drills prior to playing with other league members.  "I would love to do this drills again!" she said.  Missy is the newest member of the TennisNYC league.  Missy goes to Florida few times a year to play tennis with her friends.  She has great ball control and consistency.

Rainy weekend? Hey, play tennis indoor!
(L-R) Beth, Diane, Marc and Matthew played SINGLES and DOUBLES indoors and had a great time!

My Dad's Birthday Gift!
 With a big smile on his face, Dan Kanemoto (photo above) said, "My dad gave me this Flexpoint Head Racquet for my birthday! I like the racquet a lot!" He added that his Dad was the one who taught him how to play tennis at a very young age.  Dan is now a filmmaker, graduated from NYU, and presently involved in doing animation projects.  Dan has solid tennis fundamentals and very motivated to play again. He is very friendly, athletic and has great personality!!! 

TennisNYC league is about meeting nice people, getting good exercise and de-stressing from work!
(L-R) Janice Dixon, Robin Zhang, Myles Hefland and Jennifer Breitenstein played fun doubles!

Shu-Wie Chen (photo L) loves to play tennis. "I use tennis for exercise!" he said.  "I'm looking to get back into shape!" Shu works in the Financial market.  Shu has solid tennis technique and has been playing tennis for a long time. "I love my Wilson N-Code!" Vasant Narayanan (photo L) said during the TennisNYC drills.  Vasant has great tennis technique, beautiful one hand backhand and very athletic. "I can run all day!" he said smiling.

MEN in BLACK!!! What rainy weather??
(L-R photo above) Jon Yeung, Reza, Vipul and Eric had a lot of fun playing SINGLES and DOUBLES outdoors!

Great effort Kris!!!
Kris Bautista (photo above) pushed his body to the limits during the tennis drills. He hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls!!! "Kris has good consistency and knows how to keep the ball in play.  Kris has great personality and a very nice person and loves dogs.  He owns a 2 year old Yorkie!  

Let's be a CHILD again!
(L-R) Joanna Wen, Iwaya, Janice Dixon and Myles Hefland hiding behind a tennis racquet.  TennisNYC tennis league is all about having fun, meeting nice exciting people from all over the world, developing friendship, getting exercise and de-stressing from corporate jobs.  Players are matched based on skills and tennis experience. We play everywhere in NYC and NJ.

Singapore! Oh Singapore!
Did you know the TennisNYC league has already 4 members who were originally from Singapore? (L-R) Sharon Koh, Ken Yang and Grace Tan.  The 4th member, Nick Wong, is not pictured.  All the Singaporean members work in the financial market in NYC.  They are all nice, friendly, highly educated and love playing tennis. Did you know Sharon went to a tennis camp in Saugerties, NY and had a blast!!!

"Great Work-out!!!"
Eric Bianchini (photo above) said after hitting hundreds of tennis balls during the drills/evaluation at a private court to practice on his strokes before playing with other league members.  Eric is very athletic, in top shape and physical conditioning, runs marathons, plays golf and goes to the gymn several times per week! Still working on his consistency, Eric loves to hit the ball hard on both sides! Eric loves to play at the Red Clay courts, Central Park and just about everywhere there are tennis courts!!!!

"I like to do these drills again!"
(L-R) Joanna Wen and Brooke Simpson had a great time hitting hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls during their evaluation/drills session prior to playing with other league members.  "This is fun!" they both said.  Both ladies played tennis since they were young.  "I have been playing tennis since I was 7 years old!" Brooke said.

What a great night of tennis, having fun, getting exercise and meeting new friends after a hectic day of work!!!
(Photo L-R) Linda Fitzpatrick, RJ and Linda Song. Courts are FREE! Linda Fitzpatrick and RJ lives in NJ.

Advanced DOUBLES is fun!!!
(Photo L-R) Bryan Duong, Marcio Vieira from Brazil, Hillary France (Duke U college player) and Uddie.  We play all over NYC, NJ and soon in Long Island and Connecticut!!! You choose where you want to play!!! Marcio lives in Hoboken while Uddie lives in Jersey City!

Summer Blockbuster: Reality Tennis!
TennisNYC's summer reality TV Show now playing at a tennis court near you!!! Photo above shows the cast of tennis characters! Lots of drama, tension, fun, strategy and great exercise!!! Currently auditioning for new cast members!!! Photo taken last Aug 6, Sunday. (L-R) Rick, Jessica, Eric, Robin, Matthew, Dan, Emmanuel, RJ, Chris and Marc. 

Yumi from Tokyo, Japan! Yumi lives in Edgewater

Dan Bronson and Hiroyuki!!! Hiro lives in Edgewater

Nick Wong from Singapore!

"This is an incredible workout!!!"
Julie Fischer (photo above) said after the TennisNYC.com cardio drills/lesson and evaluation prior to hitting with other league members. During the drills, she hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls!!! "Julie showed great athleticism and a nice one handed topspin backhand!" Eric, the league coach, said. 

TennisNYC.com Athlete of the Year 2006!!!
Kyoko Unayama receives the TennisNYC Athlete of the Year Award.  Shown above is Eric, the league coach, congratulating Kyoko. Kyoko was chosen as Athlete of the Year for her love of the sport, athletic skills and ability, dedication and friendly spirit!!! In addition, Kyoko has shown inner strength, bravery, courage and positive attitude despite a tennis injury which she sustained last spring. Kyoko has been a member of the league for the past 3 years. 

Thanks to the power of Google!!!
(Photo above L-R) Eugene Young and Marcio Vieira
Eugene wrote in his email, "I have been walking/cycling around Central Park many times since moving over here from Europe and just tonight had a thought that there must be a tennis club/league the I can join to play some tennis and get in shape again." Eugene thanked the "power of google" for finding TennisNYC.  Marcio googled Tennis in NYC even before leaving Brazil to move to NYC. They both had a great time during the cardio tennis drills and evaluation.  "Marcio hits with western grips on both forehand and backhand which generates a lot of topspin.  Eugene, on the other hand, hits with a continental grip on his forehand and a semi-western grip on his backhand.  His strokes are much flatter in contrast to Marcios,'" Eric, the league coach, commented. Marcio lives in Hoboken.

Goodbye Old LeCoq Sportif racquet! Welcome Head Liquid Metal racquet!!!!
Christopher de Nave (photo above) can't wait for Tennis Warehouse to ship his demo racquets.  He has been using an old LeCoq sportif racquet, Yannick Noah signature model and wants to update his gear! "Christopher has great technique off both wings and displayed good consistency and has a powerful serve!" Eric, the league coach, said of Christopher's game.

Great Tennis Smile and attitude!!!!
(photo above L-R) Georgene Huang, Denise Fiallo and Joel Sonkin did their evaluation/drills/lesson last Sunday, July 23, despite the gloomy weather/rainy forecast.  Denise and Joel are very excited to start playing with other league members this summer/fall season while Georgene is very happy to take a few tennis lessons before joining.  Joel was referred to the league by his sister Rebecca, who is presently an active member.  They all have great personality, professionals, athletic and very talented players!!!!

The Columbia Grad with a strong game!
Steven Tam just graduated with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University in NYC.  He plans to spend his summer by playing lots of tennis with other league members. "Steven has strong solid ground strokes, great topspin stroke production on both sides, 2 handed backhand and a big serve!" Eric, the league coach said.

The Sweet Lawyer Who Loves Playing Tennis!!!
arlene used to play tennis when she was younger, however, according to her "I haven't picked up a racket in years." She said she has the "itch to play tennis again.  "I only played once in the last 3 months because its hard to get a partner," she explained.  "Marlene's tennis fundamentals is very solid, she has great technique and very athletic!" Eric, the league coach said.  Welcome to the league, Marlene

(L-R) Diane French, Emi Nakane, Dan Bronson, Eric, RJ and Chris Tom!!!

Great personality, good players and friendly attitude!
(L-R) Blaise Frossard, Danny Wen, Paola Zevallos and Arturo Zevallos.  "This drill is tougher than Total Tennis!" Arturo said after the drills/evaluation prior to joining the league.

Like Father, Like Son
"I didn't think I was going to hit that many balls!" - Martin Segal said after hitting hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls.  Martin ran for every ball and hit great winners! "My Dad is also a tennis player!" he said.

The Travel Nurse (Elizabeth) and the Medical Technician (Kris) who love playing tennis!
Kris Bautista and Elizabeth Van Hall did 1 1/2 hours of drills and supervised games/match last Thursday, March 29, 2007 in preparation for SPRING TENNIS 2007.  Kris worked on his backhand while Elizabeth tried to work on her footwork, cardio and consistency.  "I wish I knew about the league last winter!" she said.  Elizabeth has a nice sweet personality, very friendly and easygoing.

"I had a great time playing!"
Jeni Marks (photo above) loves playing tennis during her spare time when not doing medical research.  She is athletic, talented and has a great friendly personality.  Welcome to the league, Jeni!


Round Robin INDOOR Tennis is FUN!!!
(Photo L-R) Yashesh, Jay, Kevin, Dan, Christopher, Beth, William, Emily and Meena played round robin tennis for 2 hours.  Everyone had fun and had great exercise!!! "Thank you for arranging the round robin doubles yesterday. I had a good time!" Beth emailed the next day. Come and join the league this Spring 2007, email me for more info.

INDOOR tennis is fun!!!
Dan and Takeshi (photo above) had a great time playing doubles INDOORS at a private tennis club.  Come and play INDOOR and OUTDOOR tennis with other TennisNYC league members! Tennis is FUN and a great way to exercise and meet nice people!!! We play everywhere in NYC and NJ! Email me for details

Some league members decided to play tennis outdoors.  (Photo L-R) Bryan, Beth, Rahul, Kate, Sam, Yashesh and Jim.

We love playing Tennis!!! Cold weather? No problem!!!
(Photo L-R) Jean, Roman, Yashesh, William, Dan, Rahul, Christy and Reza played tennis outdoors despite the cold weather.

(Photo L-R) William Tempest, Francesca Klucevsek-Whalen and Georgene Huang (not pictured) had a great time hitting hundreds of tennis balls, playing singles/doubles. William just moved to NYC six weeks ago from UK to work in Finance.  Welcome to NYC, William!

We play indoors and outdoors this Winter season!!!
(Photo L-R) Matthew, Beth, Kevin and Dan.

Former ITF tennis player
Christian Wietoska (photo above) from Germany has an impressive tennis resume: former ITF tennis player, Iowa State Tennis Champion, top 100 tennis player in Germany! He is in NYC for a few months this Fall/Winter to work for a German bank.  Welcome to the TennisNYC Fall/Winter tennis league!

Don't be deceived by Eleanor Webb's sweet persona (photo above R).  She is a "tiger" on the tennis court and has the grit and fight similar to Maria Sharapova! LOL... She is the newest league member for late Fall/Winter league season.  With Eleanor is Eric Capuano and Hakuna, the dog/mascot of the league.

Photo above is Eugene Kwon, the newest league member for Fall/Winter season!!!

Play tennis! Tennis is fun and a great way to exercise and meet nice people!!! 
(Photo above L-R) Matthew, Grace, Sid, Kevin, Yashesh, Nick, Kate and Ken. Our members are nice, friendly and professionals.