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(Photo L-R) Yung from Korea (massage therapist), David from NYC and Nicole from NYC played 2 hours of DOUBLES in Central Park Tennis Center, last Tuesday, April 19, 2005.  Before the doubles match, David Conklin did an hour of tennis evaluation, hitting and few games with Koko Lani, the TennisNYC.com tennis League Director.  "I haven't played tennis since 1997.  I played on and off after that but not on a consistent basis.  Since I moved to NYC, got married and worked full time in Wall St, I just didn't have much time.  And then the 9/11 happened.  I went to Iraq two times.  While I was deployed in Iraq, I saw the movie WIMBLEDON and that inspired me to play tennis again," David said. David has a very consistent game.  Despite not having played for a long time, he still has not forgotten his tennis fundamentals. He said, "I hit against the backboard inside my apartment"  WELCOME TO THE TENNISNYC.COM TENNIS LEAGUE, DAVID!

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(Photo above L-R) Chris, Jean Telfort and Russo played tennis in Central Park Tennis Center last Monday, April 18, 2005.  Jean Telfort did 2 hours of game evaluation, hitting and singles match with Koko Lani, the TennisNYC.com tennis League Director.  After 2 hours of hitting and singles match, Jean paired with Koko Lani and challenged the MOST POPULAR tennis partners in Central Park, the "crazy ROMANIANS" Russo and Chris for 2 hours of DOUBLES. "I am just enjoying my life now," Jean Telfort said. "I went to hell for 12 years while I was in the military. I just came back from Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo and Bosnia. I am so happy that I am alive with 2 legs and 2 arms and my mind is still healthy.  I have been attending funerals the last few weeks. After 12 years, I resigned from the military and said Goodbye," Jean reveals. When I asked Jean how he survived the war, he said, "I just prayed and think of happy thoughts." WELCOME TO THE TENNIS LEAGUE JEAN! I HOPE TENNIS WILL BRING YOU MORE HAPPY MOMENTS!!!



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