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COME and JOIN us in the Tennis League! We play OUTDOORS (day) and INDOORS (night)! HAVE FUN and GET SOME EXERCISE! We welcome everyone! Beginners to Advanced Levels! All nationalities and tennis characters! However, one important requirement before you join, PLEASE BE SERIOUS about tennis, this league was not meant to be a social gathering. It was meant to be an intense tennis work-out. Email KoKo Lani for details!! Serious inquiries only please. Phone interview required before joining.


Monday, Jan 17 Photos of tennis league

MORE PHOTOS of tennis league and teaching PROS please click here

MORE PHOTOS of tennis league
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MORE PHOTOS of tennis league
Please click here


The Boyish Looking Computer Engineer who likes to wear classy and expensive tennis clothes!
Nope, Steven Chen
is not a baby, he is 20 years old, thank you. "People think I'm much younger than my real age, I get that impression all the time!" Steven asserted.  He is presently studying at Polytechnic University with a major in Computer Engineering.  Steven is a member of his College Tennis Team.  "My favorite player is Andy Roddick!" he said and that is one of the reason why he is using Babolat racquet.  Steven is still adjusting to the slow green clay courts of Central Park because he is used to playing on hard courts.  Welcome to the tennis league, Steven!

The Hard Hitting Indian Player Who Wont Stay at the Net for Fear of His Life!!!
"When you said drills, you really mean drills!" Ramesh Parameswar (photo L) said after one hour 15min of hitting hundreds of balls and game evaluation with Koko Lani (League Director) and Eric Capuano (Tennis Instructor of the League) last May 23, 2005.  Ramesh works full time for Citigroup (Hedgefunds) in NYC.  He was reassigned here 2 months ago from Singapore, London and India where he worked for the company for more than 10 years.  "In Singapore, every apartment building has tennis courts.  When I moved to NYC, I doubled my tax base and limit the number of tennis courts!" he said with sarcasm.  "I like to play Singles more than doubles because I value my life! I don't like to be a target at the net." he jokes.  Ramesh hits a solid hard ball from the baseline and has an excellent conditioning.  WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE, RAMESH!

The athletic former college tennis player!
Laura Garner (photo L). "I am interested in finding similarly skilled tennis players who are not super competitive. I played national juniors and division 1 college level so I've had plenty of serious competition and now would like just to enjoy tennis and work on getting my game back in terms of strokes, strategy and fitness. I played competitively from age 13 to 23.  I played sporadically from 23-41 due to heavy work schedules.  I am now 45 but in fairly good aerobic shape (running, cycling regularly)." 

The French and German Speaking Banker who loves playing on clay!
Jason Oster
(photo L) played tennis in High School and growing up in Long Island.  "I have almost forgotten how much fun it is to play on clay! I played lots of tennis on clay when I was a kid in Long Island" he said smiling after an hour of hitting/evaluation with Koko Lani, the League Director of  "I had a great time!" he said. Jason is a graduate of Bucknell University where he majored in Political Science and International Relations.  He can speak French and German very fluently.  He works for a major Bank in NYC.

THE CORKY FILMMAKER WHO LIKES PUNK ROCK MUSIC!!! Matthew McDermott likes to hit the ball hard from the baseline. He has an excellent technique on both sides, however, since he just returned to the game few days ago, he is still working on his consistency especially on clay. He played lots of tennis growing up in Connecticut because his parents pushed him to become a College player, however, he quit the game just before College because he didn't like the pressure. 

THE SCOTTISH BRIDEGROOM! Kevin Gregory joined the tennis league because he wants to be physically active and to work on his conditioning.  He played tennis in High School in California where he grew up.  He is a UCLA graduate and presently works as a Software Developer for NFL!! Kevin is planning to get married this June! 

Salvatore Hendrycks (photo above) is the "JAN MICHAEL GAMBILL" of tennis league.  Just like Gambill, the famous tennis PRO, Sal has a great physique from his biceps to his quads.  "I work out daily," he said.  Sal is also a triathlon athlete.  He bikes, runs, and swims among other things.  He has a strong solid forehand, good backhand, amazing footwork and "forgetaboutit" first serve.  Although he has an abbreviated serve motion, his first serve still comes out very hard and flat.  "I am not a tennis hacker, I'm a solid 4.0 player!" he said with strong conviction.

The "Omar Sharif" of the league who likes to travel and play!
"Tennis is a NICE GAME!" Sherif Malid (photo above) said after his tennis evaluation prior to joining the tennis league.  "I used to play squash. It is the most popular sport in Egypt where I came from.  But since moving to the US, I abandoned the sport and started playing tennis. I like Roger Federer's game.  He has a complete game, he's got all the shots," he said.  Sherif has traveled all over the world and learned that the "more you travel, the more you realize how little you have really seen." His favorite movie? "Monsieur Ibrahim" WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE, SHERIF! 
Raj (photo L) is the "LEANDER PAES" of Central Park.  Raj is a former college player from India and has been playing tennis since he was 10 years old.  Raj hits a consistent solid hard topspin ball from the baseline.  He is an advanced tennis player and has a very pleasant personality.  Raj is available to play most early mornings before work and during weekends. WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE, RAJ!



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