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The Easy Going Fun Loving Math Professor, Mr. Eric Spagnolie with The Chihuahua Lover, Ms. Stephanie Kramer in Central Park Tennis Center, Monday, May 2, 2005.  Stephanie did an hour of hitting and evaluation as part of her membership application for the TennisNYC.com tennis league.  Ms. Kramer used to work for a famous Chef until she decided to quit few weeks ago. "I worked long hours, 12 hour a day PR job for a famous Chef in Manhattan.  I was only 21 and they gave me a high power position, they must have seen something in me." Stephanie used to play tennis in High School and now wants to be physically active again. Stephanie has great tennis stroke production and technique.  She is presently working on her consistency and physical conditioning.

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Anita Krishnakumar
(photo above), a law professor who graduated from Yale University, did a lesson and drills with Eric Capuano and Koko Lani last Thursday, April 28, 2005. Anita was a former member of her high school tennis team.  She has been playing tennis for many years, stopped playing for a while and just recently decided to take up tennis again.  Anita showed good form and technique during the drills and has great conditioning. "I run whenever I have free time," she said.  "I'm glad I found your website.  I will have more free time to devote to tennis in a few weeks when school ends."

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THE ALLADIN OF TENNIS! (The animator who wants to be Alladin!)
(Photo above L-R) Paul Wei and Eric Capuano, the resident tennis instructor of TennisNYC.com league.  Paul Wei did an hour of tennis drills and tennis lessons with Eric in Edgewater last Tues morning April 26, 2005.  He said, "If I don't do this drills, I wont have the motivation to get up and exercise."  Paul is an intermediate tennis player.  When I told him that his backhand looked like Michael Chang's backhand, he quipped, "Michael Chang is my tennis hero. I followed his career!" he said.  Paul has been playing tennis since he was a kid.  He graduated from Rhode Island School of Arts and majored in Animation.  WELCOME TO THE TennisNYC.com tennis LEAGUE PAUL!

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VOLLEY DRILLS in Edgewater (photo above) with Paul Wei and Eric Capuano!

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(Photo above L-R) Yaya and Burt in Central Park Tennis Center! Burt (photo R) did an hour of tennis evaluation last Tuesday afternoon, April 26, 2005 with Koko Lani, the League Director of TennisNYC.com tennis league.  After the evaluation, Burt asked if I can find him someone who can beat him.  He said, "Not very many guys can beat me. I have a hard time finding someone to play with because most guys wont play with me because I beat a lot of players.  They cannot handle my game!" he said. "I used to play racquetball so my tennis game is unconventional," he adds.  "Most guys who play with me, gets frustrated! Do you think you can find someone to beat me?"  I told Burt to give me a few minutes and I will find him someone.  Five minutes later, I came back with Yaya, the nicest tennis player from Africa.  They played a SINGLES match for less than half an hour.  Yaya beat Burt easily 6-2 using my racquet and topsiders shoes.  Burt said after the match, "The score was 5-2, the match is not over yet." Yaya looked dumbfounded and said, "The match is finished, 6-2. If you think its 5-2, lets finish," Burt, however, refused the offer. Yaya, however, was very complimentary of Burt's game.  Yaya said smiling, "You reminded me of my opponent in Paris, you did very well!"




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