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Michael Pasinkoff (photo L) is a top fencer in the US (ranked 22nd).  He is a 2nd year Law student who wants to be an Assistant District Attorney for the city.  Michael is very athletic and has great talent and potential to be a really good tennis player.  "I like pressure," he said.  Michael thrives on competition and welcomes challenges especially when it comes to sports.  He is the type of tennis player who will never give free points and will try his best to get every ball in play.  He is very smart, runs fast, has good speed and great hand eye coordination.  Welcome to the tennis league, Michael!!!

Dr. Juan Pablo Lirio (nickname: JP) just arrived in Manhattan from the Philippines 8 months ago.  He is training to become a specialist in Cardiology at Mt. Sinai Hospital. "I passed all 5 of my licensing exams and in 4 months I will do my first angioplasty (stent) surgery," he said.  He was a top Ping Pong player in the Philippines which paid for his Pre-medical degree.  He uses a western grip on his forehand and a one-handed backhand.  He likes to hit the ball with pace and has a great first serve.  Welcome to the tennis league, Dr. Lirio.

The Belly Dancing Tennis Player
Nina Costanza
(photo L) is a very beautiful tennis soul.  She is a fully "evolved" artistic individual who went through exciting career changes in her life.  She is a writer, musician, tennis player and a belly dancer.  Yes, she is a BELLY DANCER.  "I got interested in belly dancing when I heard a beautiful middle eastern music!" she said with a smile.  Nina has been a belly dancer for 20 years!! Nina uses her belly dancing talent in tennis.  She can rotate her hips to get some power on her tennis shots the way she rotate it when doing the belly dance.  Who says belly dancing and tennis don't mix? WELCOME TO THE TENNIS LEAGUE, Nina!!

The Cha Cha Dancing Tennis Player
Speaking of dancing, Miguel Quiroz (photo L) started dancing in the middle of his tennis drills and evaluation last Wednesday, June 8, in Edgewater and blurted out "Tennis is like a DANCE!!" When I told Miguel to use small steps to set up for the ball, he started dancing the CHA CHA.. and yelled, "Oh, this is like cha..cha..cha ..yes, it's a dance..cha cha! I got it!!!" Miguel has great energy and fun spirit.  He has a way of making everything easy, fun and light.  He is engaging, upbeat and very positive.  Miguel works for a big Finance company in Manhattan. WELCOME TO THE TENNISNYC.COM TENNIS LEAGUE, Miguel!!!

Melissa Jaffe (photo left) was formerly a ranked junior tennis player in the State of Pennsylvania.  She started playing tennis when she was only 7 years old and played lots of junior tournaments until the age of 16.  She went to NYU for her MBA degree and presently works full time at a major Finance company in Wall Street.  She did more than an hour of tennis evaluation, drills and hitting in Edgewater in preparation for her tennis league matches. "You have an impressive league operations!" she said smiling.  "I'm glad I met you, I'm definitely joining the league.  If I don't join the league, I don't know what I'm gonna do this summer." Welcome to the tennis league, Melissa!!!


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