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Edward Scharfenberg (photo L) did more than 2 hours of tennis evaluation/hitting/drills and game/match situation last Sunday June 12 in Edgewater. "Great drill," he said after the session smiling.  He emailed me the next day and said, "A brief thank you for such a fantastic tennis afternoon.  I will sleep well this evening."  Edward (nickname: Ned) will take another serve lesson with Eric, the Tennis Instructor of the league, before he joins the league.  Edward works in the Financial District.

Janet Lee (photo L) was a member of her high school tennis team, the #1 in the State of New Jersey.  She is presently a 2nd year Medical Student who is on break from her studies. "I was a fairly heavy tennis player several years ago and really miss the game. I'd love to get back into it." she said.  Janet hits a solid ball from both sides with great technique and timing.  Welcome to the tennis league, Janet!!! 

Mitch Hurley (photo L) underestimates his athleticism.  He considers himself an advanced beginner, however, because of his natural athletic ability, power and motivation, he can become an intermediate tennis player within months.  In between league matches, he plans to continue taking tennis lessons to work on his serve, forehand and backhand. Mitch works full time as a corporate lawyer in Manhattan.  He just bought a nice bike and plans to use it often to go to his tennis matches in Central Park.  Welcome to the League Mitch!!!

Kyoko Unayama (photo L) is an avid tennis player.  She used to go to tennis parties and will drive anywhere for a tennis game. "I was away from the court for almost 3 weeks - unbelievable! I really need to catch up. My level is now 3.5.  Mostly I play doubles (mix... most of the time), but singles are also fine. I have been playing at Stadium, RIRC, Manhattan Plaza, and mostly Columbus and weekends at tennis parties." Welcome to the tennis league Kyoko!!!

Eric Capuano, league instructor, is shown on the left giving serve lessons to Kyoko Unayama and Dana Morenstein in preparation for their tennis league matches.  Good serve Kyoko and Dana!! Eric has a Masters Degree in Physical Education and has been a tennis coach for more than 20 years.  He also works full time as an Athletic Director at a Manhattan High School.

Dana Morenstein plans to play with other league members during weekends to stay active and healthy.  Initially, she was quite reluctant to do tennis drills due to the fact that it might be too intense for her.  However, after more than an hour of hitting, games and tennis lessons, she was very happy and was able to physically handle the workout.  "This is not bad, I'm ok," she said.


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