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Bryan Dorsey (photo above) is an active member of the league!




The Very Talented Div 3 Tennis Player
Katie Richards has been playing tennis since she was about 6 years old.  She played tennis in High School and College (TCNJ). "I pretty much just miss playing... it's hard to find people to play with!" she said in her email.  Katie hits the ball hard, has great ground strokes, solid tennis fundamentals and has the ability to create amazing cross court forehand hook shots with acute angles.  Welcome to the league, Katie!

Sunday Tennis with Friends and Family
Photo above shows some league members who played last Sunday night, March 5, 2006. (L-R) Jason, Alan, Gopal, Tsubasa, Yuriko, Yu Otani, Chris, Elizabeth, Roman and Sanjith.

TennisNYC Poster Boys!
(L-R) Steve Barlow and Chris Callahan enjoyed playing singles last March 5, 2006.  "I played well tonight," Steve said after defeating Chris 6-2.

Elizabeth Freund (photo left) emailed me and explained, "I used to play competitively ( I am now 23) so it has been about 5 years since I have played a tournament, but am now currently hitting at Sutton East and do still have my strokes, etc...in tact more or less." During the tennis evaluation prior to joining the TennisNYC.com tennis league, Elizabeth exhibited solid tennis fundamentals.  She has excellent technique on both sides, forehand and backhand, and has a reliable, decent serve.  Elizabeth is joining the league to work on her consistency, footwork, conditioning and plans to play lots of matches and meet nice players in NYC. Welcome to the league, Elizabeth!

Rishi Kumar (photo L) is a very good tennis player.  Although he hasn't played much in a couple of years, he hasn't forgotten his tennis fundamentals! He has a very good one handed backhand and can change directions of the shot (down the line or cross court) at any time very much like Roger Federer.  He has a great first serve.  Presently, he is working on his conditioning.  Rishi has great tennis potential and will be a threat this coming Spring/Summer season! Welcome to the league, Rishi!


South Floridian tennis player trapped in the middle of winter in the concrete jungle (NYC)!!!
Chris Callahan
(photo above) emailed me (Koko Lani) and wrote: "I graduated from Georgetown U in May, moved to NYC in August and miss playing tennis.  Growing up in South Florida, I played nearly everyday." Chris presently works for Bear Stearns in NYC.  He did more than an hour of tennis drills/evaluation last Wednesday night, Jan 25, 2006 prior to joining the league.  Chris uses a severe western grip which he changed mid way during the drills, loves to run for every ball and hits a high topspin shot.  "I went to Bolletieri tennis camp for more than 8 months!" he said smiling.  Chris was so happy being on the tennis courts he stayed until almost midnight practicing on his serve!!!



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