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Bryan Dorsey (photo above) is an active member of the league!




Clear Blue Sky, friendly tennis players, TennisNYC leagues 2006!
Another great weekend of round robin tennis (photo above) last April 9, 2006.  "Yesterday's (April 9) round robin was fun.  I cannot believe how quickly 4 1/2 hrs can fly by!" Bryan Dorsey, league member said after playing for more than 4hrs. Email me to join!

SCORES from last April 9, 2006 weekend round robin (Sunday) click here

More than 24 tennis league members came to play last April 9, 2006 weekend round robin! Some of the league members who participated (photo above). "We had a great time!" 

Doctor of Physics who miss playing tennis!
"I miss playing tennis!" Margherita Milite said during the 1 1/2hrs of tennis drills/cardio tennis and evaluation prior to joining the league. "I'm having a great time!" she said smiling.  Margherita, fondly called Meg by her friends in Italy is enjoying her stay in NYC.  She works for a billion dollar medical research company where she is presently developing/upgrading CT Scan technology.  CT Scan is a medical imaging device for the heart, which will be very useful in a non-invasive diagnostic procedures for patients with heart problems.  Well, after playing tennis, Meg will no longer use this machine for herself!!! She will have healthy heart and lungs!!!

(photo L-R) Drew Clough, Aizaz Ali and Eric Capuano (league coach).  Drew's game is big! Here's why? "I started during all four years of high school for a competitive 5A Georgia high school and played tournaments throughout my junior career," Drew explained.  Aizaz' game is not far behind either. "I played a lot in high school and college but haven't had the opportunity to play much since starting work a couple of years ago...this looks like a great way to start playing again!" Both guys now work full time in Finance. Welcome to the league!

Talented Tennis Players!
(photo L-R) Lily Tang, Eric Capuano (coach) and Clare Donnelly did 1 1/2 hrs of drills and evaluation with Eric (coach) last Sunday, April 9, 2006 and they both had a great time.  Eric said, "Both ladies were very impressive. They were both talented tennis players, has great potential, highly motivated, very athletic, nice personality, has solid tennis skills/fundamentals and will be a great addition to the league!"

High Achiever!!!
Did you know that Linda Song (photo above) got her Masters in Science at a prestigious university in France, lived and worked in Paris for a few years and presently works as a top executive for a billion dollar cosmetics company? Her tennis skills is equally impressive.  She has a solid tennis game and highly motivated to improve on her physical conditioning this spring/summer 2006.  

Psychotherapist who loves playing tennis!
Tina Felluss (photo above) hit hundreds of tennis balls during her tennis drills/evaluation last Tuesday, April 11, 2006 for 1 1/2 hrs without even taking a break! She is in great physical condition! She likes to do lots of different things ie dancing, skiing, traveling, and falling in love again!!! Tina has an awesome personality, sociable, highly educated and has a great attitude in life! "I feel like I'm 18 again!" she said smiling.

Software Executive who loves to travel and play tennis!
Brannen McDonald (photo above) is a Sales Manager for a billion dollar software company. She loves to travel, play tennis in between her busy schedule and meet people.  Brannen is going to Tokyo and Kyoto this week (April 2006) for business/pleasure and she plans to bring her retired parents with her.  "They are both very excited!" she said smiling.  Brannen is very friendly, athletic and has a great personality!

The Japanese speaking Australian!
Kate Pryor has traveled the world! Her favorite place? Tokyo, Japan! Why Japan? That's where she met her husband! She loves the Japanese culture so much she is presently studying how to speak and write in Japanese characters! "I'm so happy to play sports [tennis] again! " Kate said after the drills and evaluation. "I don't like going to the gymn at all.  I hate it with passion." she said.

The New Yorker and the Aussie!
(Photo above L-R) Shari Birdoff and Jacqueline Lovelock met during the tennis drills and evaluation prior to joining the league. Shari works as an Elementary School Teacher in Harlem.  She was so excited to do the drills and needed time off away from work and city stress. "This is fun!" Shari said during the drills. Jacqueline just moved to NYC from Australia.  Jacqueline has great footwork, tons of energy, very athletic and has excellent tennis fundamentals! "I will be sore tonight!" Shari said after 1 1/2 hrs of hitting tennis balls and running.

What a great day of weekend round robin spring tennis!!!
Photo above shows league members playing round robin tennis last Sunday April 2, 2006.  Everyone had a great time! "I went from no exercise last winter to 4hrs of tennis in one day!" Allison Hickerson said laughing. Email me to join

Friendly Finance Executives who love to play tennis!
(L-R) Spencer Scheffy, Gail Hodes and Eric Capuano, the league coach holding Hakuna (ball girl/dog of the league)
Spencer and Gail are both busy finance executives.  Spencer played tennis for many years since he was a kid and even taught tennis to young children while he was in High School.  He is a very advanced tennis player, loves to return to the game after not playing regularly for 7 years.  Gail Hodes has been playing for more than 10 years now, very athletic, very friendly, moved to NYC from Connecticut and loves the social aspect of the game.  You have to watch this guy Spencer hit a ball!!! He is amazing!!! He generates so much racquet speed the ball travels so fast you can't even track it.

Nature and Science Lover
Jessica Iannuzzi grew up in Long Island, moved to NYC few years ago and presently works for a great magazine, www.nature.com She has a beautiful and smooth forehand which is a pleasure to watch - great technique, good racquet preparation and full follow through.  She has been playing tennis since she was a kid. "I took a lot of tennis lessons growing up," she revealed.

The Smiling tennis player from Bombay, India!
Nikhiel Silva (photo above) has a nice smile, great positive energy and good attitude.  Initially, he had a difficult time doing the cardio drills because he was "inactive" the whole winter.  "I smoke and didn't exercise last winter!" he revealed.  However, after about an hour of running and hitting hundreds of balls, his game slowly came back. "I've been playing tennis since I was a kid" he said.  Nikhiel promised to work on his cardio by doing off court training.  He is now motivated to stay healthy and play lots of tennis with other league members! Nikhiel just graduated with a Masters degree in Economics.

A great tennis player and a great catch!
Here's Christopher Victory's (photo above) stats: played high school tennis and 1 year college tennis, great athlete and tennis player, MBA graduate, single, nice personality and love dogs! This guy can hit all kinds of tennis shots: inside out forehands, swinging volleys, drop shots, running forehand down the line, slices etc etc! He is simply awesome!!! 

Steve Bahna (photo above) lives in Connecticut, works in NYC and plans to play anywhere there are open courts.  How's that for the love of the game!!! His dedication and commitment was evident during the drills last Wed, March 29.  Not once did he ask for a time out or rest. Even when the outdoor lights is starting to fade, he kept hitting balls with great enthusiasm and energy! "I will definitely sleep well tonight!" he said.

Tennis Match?
Michael Eatroff and Robyn Ross (photo above) did 1 1/2 hrs of drills and evaluation last Monday, March 27 prior to joining the league.  Michael just moved to NYC from Tampa, Florida and plans to pursue a career in Immigration Law while Robyn is from NJ designing handbags for an Indian company.  "She's a cutie!" Michael said after meeting Robyn during the evaluation session.  Michael is an excellent tennis player while Robyn is very motivated to improve her game.

Michael Chang clone?
Eric Sung (photo above) is a very good athlete and tennis player.  During the drills/evaluation, he showed great athleticism, excellent forehand, backhand and volley technique, great footwork, and tremendous energy.  He was a former member of his high school tennis team and will graduate this year with a business degree from NYU. "I'm looking forward to playing lots of tennis with the other league members!" he said. Eric shots were so accurate and consistent that he knocked down most of the tennis cones!!!

The former junior tournament player from Germany!
"I played lots of junior tournaments growing up in Germany!" Kamal Bhattacharya said.  During the drills and evaluation session, Kamal exhibited great tennis talent! "I really enjoyed myself today!" Kamal said.

Photo above shows some league members who played round robin singles/doubles and hitting last Saturday, March 25, 2006 outdoors. (L-R) Jean, Ami, Rebecca, Brandi, Eric, Otani, Bryan and Neale. "This is fun! We had a great time! The weather is great!"

"I'm lovin' your league, btw, it's awesome!" - Rishi Kumar, newest member of TennisNYC league (March 17, 2006 email)

Welcome back to the game, Bryan!
"I had a great time tonight!" Bryan Dorsey said after more than 2 hours of drills, hitting, games and practicing on his serve as part of his tennis evaluation prior to joining the TennisNYC tennis league this winter/spring 2006. "I love tennis!" he said, "that's why I want to do this and come back and start playing tennis again!" Bryan has a good reliable forehand and presently working on his consistency especially from the backhand side.  He is very athletic, has great physical conditioning and nice attitude!!!

FRIDAY NIGHT ROUND ROBIN and CARDIO TENNIS (photo above) last Feb 10, 2006!
(photo L-R) Lee, Chris, Dina, Karen, Brandy, Sanjith, Adam, Eric, Kelly, Jerry, David and Nikki.




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