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Ross Stoyanchev (photo above) is an active member of the league!




Rainy weekend? No problem! League members played indoor last weekend, April 22-23 due to rainy weather.  (photo above L-R) Brannen, Gopal, Alan, Sharon, Rishi, Niki, Joe, Bryan, Kevin, Eric, Rick and Nikhiel. The players above played last Sunday night. It was an intense fun filled round robin doubles/hitting for more than 2 hours! "We are going to sleep well tonight, that's for sure!" 

Raining? Let's play INDOOR!
(photo L-R) Aizaz, Naomi, TK, Lauren, Neale, Miho, Alan, Robyn, David, Gopal, Eric and Niki played round robin doubles last Saturday, April 22 INDOORS while its pouring rain outside! Rain didn't stop the enthusiasm of league members! After 2 hours of fun doubles, we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant and had a fun time!

Asians love playing tennis!
(photo L-R) Jon Yeung and Nikki Sandoval.
Did you know that Jon Yeung's father is a big tennis fan and a tennis player himself.  Jon's father goes to different big tennis events like the US Open.  His father lives in Hongkong and is very happy to see his son playing tennis again!

The Athletic Long Island Girl who has tons of potential!
Catherine Larmor grew up in Long Island, works and live in NYC and wants to improve on her tennis skills by joining a league.  "Catherine is very athletic, she has great conditioning and very motivated.  She has great potentials!" Eric said after Catherine did the drills/evaluation and lesson with Eric Capuano, the league coach.

Great players, friendly personality!
(photo L-R) Miho Yoneyama and Nick Wong
"I'm an avid tennis player who used to play 2-3 times a week until I moved to New York. Would probably rate myself somewhere between a 3.0 and 4.0," Nick Wong said. Miho, on the other hand, is also a solid tennis player.  She works for a non-profit organization. Both players have great tennis skills and very warm personality!

Talented Tennis Players!
(photo L-R) Ihoko Noda, Eric (coach), and Jensen Wong did 1 1/2 hrs drills, cardio tennis and lessons prior to joining the league.  Ihoko and Jensen are both advanced tennis players, great form and technique! Welcome to the league!

Tennis is a good form of exercise!
(photo l-r) Rita Kotiah, Eric (coach) and Tomoko Tanaka.  Rita has excellent conditioning, very determined to improve her game while Tomoko is very determined to improve her conditioning.  "I didn't exercise for 8 years!" Tomoko said during the drills.  Tomoko used to be a serious tennis player while attending High School in Japan.  "We play 3x a day and our coach is very strict!" Tomoko explained.  Tomoko has excellent technique!!!

Welcome back to the game!
(photo L-R) Sharon Koh, Eric (coach) and Aya did cardio drills/evaluation before joining the league.  "They are both excellent tennis players and in great physical condition," Eric said about the 2 ladies.  Aya is coming back to the game.  She said, "I have played tennis rather seriously in the past. I have been feeling guilty too long every time I saw my racket sleeping in the closet and finally decided to come back to the court." 

Attention League Members: Starting this Spring season, we will have once a month tennis outings!!!

East meets West: United through Sports
Sid Malik (India) and Lauren Buck (NYC) met during the TennisNYC tennis drills and evaluation last Saturday, April 1, 2006.  Sid has a beautiful one hand backhand similar to Roger Federer!!! "You are hitting the ball well!" Lauren told Sid.  "I like your backhand!" Sid replied.  Instantly, they found common grounds. "I feel my legs now. I think I will be sore tonight!" Sid continued.  After a nice afternoon of tennis, they boarded the ferry to NYC together, smiling. "We had a great time!"  


Jey Purushotham (photo above left), an advanced tennis player came straight from work to do cardio drills prior to joining the league.  He is in great shape, goes to the gymn at least 3x per week, has great technique and a nice person!




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