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Ross Stoyanchev (photo above) is an active member of the league!




Boot Camp Tennis!
"This is like boot camp tennis!" Reza Teymour (photo above left) screamed after hitting hundreds of balls during the drills/evaluation. "I thought you were joking when you said I will hit hundreds of tennis balls!" he added smiling.  Doug Witter (photo above right) worked hard as well.  Both guys work in Finance.

"I had a great time! I am looking forward to a fun tennis season!" Jacquie Desimone (photo above) said after the drills/evaluation prior to playing with other league members.  Shown with her are Eric Capuano, the league coach and Alex Sawyer, an advanced tennis player who wants to play lots and lots of tennis this season!

The busy executives who love to play tennis!
(photo L-R) Diane French, Jon Yeung, Susan Shelton and Eric Capuano (league coach), and Hakuna (the ball girl/dog of the league). "I'm really eager to start playing again. I'm happy that I did this," Diane said after the drills.

"This guy [Jon Marsh] is an awesome player!" Neale said, pointing at Jon, the guy on the left.  Jon moved to NYC few months ago, works for a European bank and loves playing tennis!

Great Forehand Preparation!
Stanley Ong shows great forehand technique (photo above) Stanley is a former Philippine Tennis Champion and a member of TennisNYC league.

Nice one hand backhand follow through
Otani Yu, a former College tennis player from Tokyo, Japan shows a great one-hand backhand follow through.  Otani has been a member of the TennisNYC league since last year (2005).

Tennis Warrior from England!
Jon Marsh, from England, works for Royal Bank of Scotland is an excellent tennis player.  Despite his blisters (photo above) and hand cut, he kept practicing his serve and groundstrokes!

"It was harder than I thought!" Maya Choi (photo above) said after hitting hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls during the drills. "I want to lose weight and improve my tennis game!," she said. "It was good though!"

The advanced player and the advanced beginner!
(Photo L-R) Chioma Njoku, Eric and Christy Briggs.  Chioma (Advanced player) said, "I used to compete from age 8 until I graduated from high school, and I played in college for 1 year.  Since then, I have had a hard time finding others to play with and have also lost some of my skills.  Therefore I am interested in joining for the love of tennis, meeting new people, and having a good time." Meanwhile, Ms. Christy Briggs wants to improve her game and socialize with other players. Christy said, "I always enjoy hitting the ball around!"

The Art Teacher and the Finance Executive!
(photo L-R) Eric, Jennifer Breitenstein and Jeff Green.  Eric, the league coach, said, "Jennifer is awesome.  She has good physical conditioning and showed lots of potential! Jeff is an excellent tennis player!" 

Great way to start your day! Tennis in Central Park before going to work in the morning!
Andrew Friedler (photo above) lives near Central Park.  He joined the TennisNYC league to get some exercise, meet nice players and stay healthy. Andrew has a demanding finance job so he plans to start his day by playing in Central Park most early mornings before work. "I played a lot of tennis since age 6.  I remember my Dad would wake me up to play tennis. We have a summer house in Pennsylvania," Andrew said.

The soul tennis sistah!
(photo above L-R) Eric, the league coach, Hakuna (the ball girl/dog of the league), Lindsay Newman and Joanna Charak. Joanna and Lindsay have been friends since they were 3 years old!!! They are inseparable!!! They did their tennis drills together prior to joining the league and had a wonderful time.  "I am so sore, I will take a lot of Advils tonight, for sure!" Lindsay said laughing.  Joanna works in Finance while Lindsay is a teacher.  Both have great personality and very friendly!!!

Grade School Teacher who wants to meet friendly tennis players!
"I had a great time!" Naomi Lifschitz (photo above) emailed me the next day after her 1 1/2hrs drills/evaluation and lesson prior to joining the league. Few days later, she was out on the tennis courts playing fun doubles and meeting nice league players. "I had a wonderful time on Saturday night. I am so glad that I met you and you organize the tennis league!" Naomi said.

The Junior Champion!
Hillary France (photo above) is a gifted and talented tennis player.  She said, "I was ranked in the top 5 juniors in the nation, and played professionally before I played for Duke University.  I graduated in 2004, and moved to New York City a couple months ago." Welcome to the league, Hillary!

Nightly mini-round robin!!!
(Photo above L-R) Neale, Nick, Aizaz, Sharon, Ihoko, Pratik and Kevin played last April 21, 2006 from 7pm until 10pm. "Thank you for arranging. I enjoyed a lot! I realized how much I love playing tennis!" Ihoko said.

Mini-round robin nightly
(photo above L-R) Tomoko, Sid, Eric (coach), Nikki and Linda played round robin hitting, doubles and singles as part of the TennisNYC.com spring/season outdoor weeknights league.

Attention: League members! We will have nightly mini-round robin (hitting, singles and doubles) after work from 7:30pm to 10:30pm this spring/summer season! Email me for details!

New Life, New Season, New Healthy Body!
Beverly Burke (shown above with Eric, the league coach) is an amazing woman! After going through several surgeries, she decided to commit herself to play tennis to stay healthy, lose weight and enjoy her new life dedicated to fitness.  During her drills/evaluation and lesson, she showed a lot of commitment and pushed her body in order to attain her goals! "Yes!" she screamed during the drills. Koko Lani and Eric (league coach) support her efforts!

Ooopppsss! Help me!!!
Tomoko (photo above) pretended she fainted after hitting hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls! "This is fun! I like to do this again!" she said after the drills/evaluation and practice before joining the league. Tomoko has a very good tennis spirit!!! Tomoko, you are sooooo funny!!!!

The Filipino Tennis Champion and the Japanese former High School Tennis Player
(photo above L-R) Stanley Ong, Eric (coach) and Takeshi Kanamaru
Stanley Ong was a former tennis champion from the Philippines. He said, "In a former life, I was a professional tennis player who played for the Philippine national team. It's been a while since I played actively, but I have not lost my passion for the game." On the other hand, Takeshi or TK played tennis while in High School, grew up in Tokyo and moved to NYC a year ago. TK said, "I'm trying to bring my game to another level!" Eric, the league coach, said that both guys have excellent personality, well-mannered and professionals. Eric said that Stanley has exceptional tennis talent. Welcome to NYC!



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