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(photo above) played with Arvind Narayanan, a regular member of the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Tuesday, May 3, 2005 at Central Park Tennis Center.  "My girlfriend calls me Lover Boy when I'm off the tennis court," he jokes.  "It's nice to have someone that you love.  My girlfriend is a Nurse Practitioner and also a tennis player."

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The Tennis Princess of India: Ms. Annie
, drives a convertible BMW to her tennis drills in Edgewater; she lives in Newport, New Jersey and will only wake up early in the morning if its for a tennis drill with Koko Lani.  Otherwise, forget about it! Annie is very athletic and a fun loving princess.  Annie played PINGPONG for 8 years and just recently decided to switch to tennis for better exercise. "In Pingpong, you don't run as much and I don't go to the gymn because its boring.  Tennis is more fun!" she said with a smile.  After only 2 tennis drills, Annie can already hit a solid forehand, drop shots, volleys, slices and overheads.  She is presently working on her backhand and consistency. SAY HELLO TO THE TENNIS PRINCESS OF INDIA!!!

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(Photo L-R) Eric Capuano (with his dog Hakuna), resident tennis instructor of TennisNYC.com tennis league, Dan Llanes and Ted.  Dan and Ted did almost 2 hours of tennis drills and lessons in Edgewater with Eric and Koko Lani last Sunday, May 1, 2005.  Dan wants Ted to improve his game so he can get better competition during their matches. "I call it POLITE MASSACRES every time we play," Ted said referring to his losing tennis matches against Dan.  "He is a good athlete," Dan said.  Ted has a natural physical talent.  Even though he has only played tennis a couple of times, he can already hit good forehands and backhands and can rally from the baseline.  "I started playing tennis when I watched Wimbledon last year," he revealed.  Ted has an advanced degree in Urban Planning from Rutgers University and presently works full time in the Economic Development Department of the Mayors Office in White Plains, Westchester.

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LOOKING for Big time Challengers! BRING IT ON!
Jason Wass
(photo above), 23 years old, looking to kick some butt, is the newest GUEST MEMBER of TennisNYC.com tennis league.  Jason teaches tennis in Long Island during weekends and works as a Sales Asst. for Smith Barney (Citigroup) during the week.  Jason hits a consistent solid, clean topspin ball from the baseline and has a very strong serve.  He has been playing tennis since age 5. 



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