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Kamil from the Czech Republic (photo above) has been playing tennis since he was a kid.  He hits a powerful solid hard topspin ball from the baseline and has an all around tennis game.  Kamil works at a famous hotel in NYC and has a very flexible tennis schedule.

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"I bought my tennis racquet for $300.  This tennis racquet is made of titanium, the latest and most expensive WILSON racquet in the market today!" Ken Shane (photo above) said with an impish grin on his face.  I [Koko Lani] inspected the racquet very closely and wasn't very impressed.  The racquet looked like it was made of plastic material.  After a little prodding Ken admitted, "Actually, it's a $12 racquet from K-MART!" Ken did an hour of tennis evaluation last Thursday, May 12, 2005 in Central Park prior to his joining the tennis league.  After an hour of hitting, he was convinced that he needed to buy the real titanium.



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