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The SEXY CORPORATE LAWYER and YOGA instructor who should be a MOVIE STAR, Susan Shelton (photo L) and The CORPORATE ACCOUNTANT who has a great BACKHAND and a NICE SMILE, Amanda Morgenstern (photo R) with Eric, the Tennis Instructor of TennisNYC.com tennis league.  Susan and Amanda did an hour and a half of tennis drills, lessons and hitting last Saturday, May 21, 2005 in Edgewater prior to joining the TennisNYC.com tennis league. "I want to do this again, book me for the Memorial Weekend!" Susan said smiling. Susan came from a tennis playing family in Alabama. "My grandfather is a tennis player," she said. Susan graduated from Duke University while Amanda, a CPA, finished her studies at Michigan U.

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(Photo L-R) Paul Teng, Angela Moffet and Eric (Tennis instructor of TennisNYC.com tennis league).  Paul and Angela did 1 1/2 hours of evaluation/tennis drills and tennis lessons in Edgewater from Eric.  "This is a great work out!" Paul said.  "I would love to come back for another drilling!" Angela said.  Angela just returned from Australia where she stayed for 2 years.  When I asked Angela some of the common expressions in Aussie language, she said, "Bloody Hell! Good on ya!" WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE, PAUL and ANGELA!!

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AWESOME! Great balance on that serve Paul!

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(Photo above L-R) Efren and Pastor Bill played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league in Central Park last Friday, May 13, 2005.  Pastor Bill def. Efren 6-4 in a very exciting, tightly contested set. Pastor Bill had 3 break points to win the set but Efren erased 2 breaks with a nicely placed serve and a short spin angled ball.  During the 3rd break point, however, Pastor Bill hit a winner inside out forehand that gave him the set. Celebrating his win, Pastor Bill raised both arms and looked up to the heavens and grinned.  Pastor Bill is the most human, friendly and down to earth Minister of the Church I [Koko Lani] have ever met in my whole life.  During one of the rallies, when he missed a ball, he muttered, "Damnit!" then looked at me and smiled, "Pastors can curse too you know. There is no GOD on the tennis court!"  However, God was smiling back at him that day, very amused.  If you are interested in having a holy tennis chat with him, his church is on 86th and Park. WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE, PASTOR BILL!!!

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(Photo L-R) Arvind Narayanan, Julie Levi and Eric, the Tennis Instructor of TennisNYC.com tennis league played at the TennisNYC.com tennis league last Saturday, May 14, 2005.  Arvind worked on his forehand and backhand technique and got lessons on how to spin serve from Eric while Julie tried to practice on her serve, volleys, forehand and backhand.  "I haven't picked up a racquet in 5 years!" she said with a smile. 



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