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Jim Pepin (photo above) is a full time corporate lawyer who just moved to NYC from London where he worked for 2 years. "I happen to see the Queen of England during the Royal Jubilee!" Jim said jokingly. "They make such a big deal of Royalty in England, but actually they are not so relevant anymore." Jim said that tickets to Wimbledon is so hard to get. "You need to win the lottery to buy tickets," he explained. "I was able to go to Wimbledon last year because my friend won in the lottery." Jim is presently working on his consistency because he didn't play tennis for one year. "This year, I promise to stay healthy and work on my tennis game," he said. Welcome to the tennis league, Jim!!!

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Kenneth Ma (photo above) has been playing tennis since he was 10 years old.  Kenneth would like to play tennis on a regular basis this Spring and Summer season in Central Park.  "Give me easy matches to start," he said. He is studying to become an optician while working part-time for his parents' company, McKee Corporation, a glass distributor in NYC.  Kenneth is working hard to develop his consistency. WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE KENNETH!!!


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