The BOYZ of SUMMER 2007!!!!
(L-R) Magno, Joseph, Anshul and Eric (tennis coach) and Hakuna (ball girl/dog of the league!) JOIN US FOR FUN-FILLED TENNIS MATCHES/DRILLS and SHORT TENNIS TRIPS to Daytona Beach Florida!! Email me for more info to join our group!!! We accept advanced beginners to advanced tennis players! We play 7days/nights per week, outdoors and indoors!

Are you ready for SPRING AND SUMMER 2008!!! PLAY TENNIS!!!
(L-R) Collette, Rick, Sara and Eric! "What a way to spend a Sunday morning!" Sara said after 1 1/2 hours of drills/lesson and brunch with TennisNYC friends. "This drill is intense!" Ricky said after hitting hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls!!! "Great exercise!" Sara said. Email me to join our SPRING AND SUMMER 2008 league! Advanced beginners to advanced players are welcome!!! We encourage all nationalities to join!!!

"My son is playing well considering he didn't get coaching when he was young!" Rod said about his son, William, TennisNYC league member.  William lives in Jersey City and currently works as an intern for a major finance company in Manhattan.  Rod and Sue flew from the UK to watch their son play tennis. (L-R) Rod, Sue, Hakuna (dog/ball girl) and William.

TennisNYC cardio tennis drills/lesson/evaluation is HOT!
(L-R) Josette Juan, Robert Blue, Eric (League Coach), Fiona and Lauren Cross did almost 2hrs of drills/lesson prior to joining TennisNYC league this Fall/Winter 2007!!! They hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls! 

(Photo L-R) Jeenah, Eric (coach), Lisa, Joseph and Estelle had fun hitting hundreds of balls last Saturday morning, May 5, outdoors!

Great tennis players, Excellent physical conditioning!
TennisNYC league members go through drills and evaluation and lesson before playing with other league members! The league is a lot of fun! (Photo L-R) Ayako, Fiona, Eric (league coach), and Ryosuke!

What a great way to start the Spring/Sumer Tennis Season!
TennisNYC members hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls to prepare them for Spring/Summer Tennis season in NYC/NJ.  "Thanks for the great workout!" John emailed me (Koko Lani- League Director) the next day. (Photo L-R) Jaman, John, Ed and Rama

Great friendly players!
(L-R) Patrick, Jacqueline, Claudia and Ayal did their drills/evaluation! They hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls to prepare them for Summer/Fall 2007 tennis! "I had fun doing the drills, now, I'm sore!" Claudia, Filipino-American beauty queen, emailed me (Koko- League Director) the next day.

(L-R) Joe Hodge, Neil Hirsch, Jesse Nicita and David Fu all had a great workout during the TennisNYC drills/evaluation.  "Thanks for the great workout!" Joe emailed me (koko- League Director) the next day.  They all hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls to prepare them for Spring/Summer tennis of fun in NYC!!!

Great Summer 2007! Great Tennis Fun! Good Times! Let's play tennis, eat tennis, sleep tennis, breathe tennis...why not? Tennis is FUN and you meet great friends!!!

We love playing TENNIS!
Who else will play tennis outdoors in 45 degree weather on a weeknight until 9:30pm? Bananas, bagels, lots of smiles, moon, awesome NYC view, calories burned, playful dog and positive attitude! Mark Hambly was so happy to win the raffle - an awesome TennisNYC hat!!! (L-R) Allison, Jennifer, Ayal, Marta, Deanna, Scott, Harry, Colleen and Mark. (Sitting) Eric, the league coach and Hakuna, the league dog.