TennisNYC Summer 2008

It was a great summer of FUN TENNIS and FRIENDSHIP!!!
Below are some photos during our Summer 2008 league!
There were so many fun times, great rallies, great matches and friendships made throughout the summer!

The Doctor from Toronto and the Vietnamese Money Man!
(Photo above L-R) Stanley (Doctor from Toronto), Tuan (Finance), Eric (coach) and Hakuna (Dog/ball girl) had a fun morning of drills/practice to start the Spring and Summer of Tennis, health and friendships. "I needed this exercise!" Tuan said.

TennisNYC players practice before playing with other members!
(Photo above L-R top) Jennie, Eric (coach), Viraj, (L-R bottom) Cara, Alix, and Maria

New 2008 Season! New League Members! New Friendships!
(Photo above L-R) Daniel, Jessica, Ali, Johan and Eric, the league coach holding Hakuna, the cute dog of the league!
"Thank you so much for a really fun morning of tennis!" Ali said after the drills/evaluation.

Tennis is a great workout!
(Photo above L-R) Gwen, Eric (coach), Mandy and Carolina had fun doing drills, lessons, evaluation, coaching last Saturday morning, May 24, 2008. 

How about lunch after fun doubles?
TennisNYC league members decided to go to lunch after a fun morning of doubles! (L-R) Nancy, Fredric, Jason, Joanna, Faye and Linnet

Fun evaluation, lessons and coaching!
(Photo L-R) Eric (coach), Yuko, Jen and Gwen played lots of tennis last Sunday, May 25, 2008.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

(Photo above L-R) Liz, Mary, Sybille and Bouka played fun doubles!


Chinese symbol above means POWER! Peter Z (his ankle tatoo shown above), TennisNYC summer league member, has the power, charm, friendly personality, tennis skills, and passion for the game! Power is a positive affirmation of inner strength which you will gain/develop from playing tennis! Join us this summer/fall/winter tennisnyc league, and awaken/strengthen your inner power! TennisNYC is more than a league, it is a metaphor for freedom and inner strength!

Chris Gosselin! (photo above)
The newest member of TennisNYC league this Spring and Summer 2008! He is a Div 1 College Tennis Player! 

Dudley (photo above)!
Good player, loves playing golf and tennis! She has a cute Maltese dog that travels with her!

She got the best Birthday Gift from her Mom- A TennisNYC membership!


Jim G (photo above) returns to TennisNYC league this Spring and Summer 2008! Jim is 25 pounds lighter, in excellent condition and his game got stronger! Welcome back to the league, Jim!


Great backhand follow through, Drew!!!

"Thank you TennisNYC! I'm having lots of fun!"

(Front L-R) Adrian Chiu, Anthony Bambrola, Jesse Tortora and Sahver Binici! (behind) Eric C, TennisNYC league coach and Hakuna, the ball girl/dog of the league!