Adam Burton (photo above) is the FINALIST in the Advanced Level Tennis Tournament 2005.  He is shown holding his beautiful trophy during the Victory Dinner Party at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Edgewater.  Adam works full time as a Corporate Lawyer and plays tennis as a hobby to keep active and healthy.

Congratulations Mr. Frederic Boucher! The Winner of the 2005 Advanced Level tennis tournament! Frederic def Adam Burton in the Finals 6-1 6-0!

Semi-finals results of the Advanced Level tournament!!!
(Photo above L-R) Frederic Boucher def. James Valverde 6-0 6-2 in the semi-finals of the Advanced level tennis tournament last Sunday, Oct 16.  "I played well today!" Frederic said.  "Although the score is not indicative of the match! It was a very close match!" Frederic adds.  James was so frustrated throughout the whole match.  He said, "It was so windy and I didn't have a lot of patience."  The FINALS will be on Oct 22 during the round robin!! It will be Frederic Boucher vs. Adam Burton!!!

Adam Burton (photo above right) is the first FINALIST in the Advance Division of tennis tournament.  A former Junior Champion from Alabama, Adam remains unbeatable.  He defeated David Lee (photo above left) in the semis 6-4 6-1 last Saturday, October 1, 2005. 

The TENNIS WARRIOR from Canton China vs The Junior Champion from Alabama!
During last Saturday's round robin, TENNIS TIL YOU DROP, Sept 17 in Edgewater, 2 league players (photo above) literally dropped (not their pants!) to their knees from fatigue, exhaustion and cramping.  Photo above L-R shows Eric Jin and Adam Burton looking very exhausted after playing their singles advanced tournament match for more than 5 hours non-stop! Eric Jin fell down many times, literally, after developing left thigh cramps. He also scrape his elbow and knee.  Adam Burton on the other hand, developed a sore shoulder.  The score of the match? First set went to Eric 6-1, Adam won the second 7-6 and they are on serve 5-4 in the third set when Eric Jin almost collapsed from cramping and exhaustion...LOL..  Sept 24 Adam Burton won the match 6-4 in the 3rd set.  They warmed up for more than half an hour and finished the match in less than a minute... LOL 

NOTE: The purpose of the tournament is not to win, but to gain experience, to play with as many good players as possible in order to improve your tennis game and to win long lasting friendships!

Please note: There will be 2 brackets in the advanced level tournament.  The original bracket (32 draw) and the loser (2nd bracket).  The winners of the 2 brackets will play in the FINALS.  Everyone will have 2 chances (double elimination format) except some late entries.

(The tournament will be done in a series of days/weeks/weekends) 
Note: The matches will be scheduled based on players' availability.  The match will be best of 3 sets, regular tie break.  Both players need to agree on the time/place of their match.  We will reschedule if you don't finish the match in one meeting.

Adam Burton (wildcard) def Chris Bien in the Advanced level of the tennis tournament last Saturday, July 23 in Edgewater 6-3 6-0. 

#1 Seed: Emmanuel Rousson just moved to NYC few months ago from Lyon France. Presently, he works full time for a major French Cosmetic Company in Manhattan.  A very good solid player, he has been playing tennis since he was a kid.  He remains unbeatable in the league.  A very nice warm person, he hits the ball hard and can track down every ball, a very offensive player.  Good strong forehand!


#5 Seed: Abishek James Wilson is not your ordinary tennis player.  He has been playing tennis since he was 10 years old back in Madras, India where he grew up.  He just graduated from the University of North Carolina and played club level college tennis. He works for a major finance company in Manhattan.  "I didn't know that there is such a thing as college tennis scholarships in the US," he said.  With his great tennis talent, he could have gotten a tennis scholarship at any major university in the country.  Abishek is a nice person, he is tall, young and athletic.  He serves like Pete Sampras and can use a one hand or two-handed backhand.  He has a loopy forehand shot which he patterned after Roger Federer.
#3 seed: Abdul Ismaila was originally from South Carolina.  I call him the "nice southern gentleman from the south".  He is very polite, very smooth, very educated and respectable.  Amazingly, he hasn't lost a lot of those good qualities after living in NYC for 2 years.  Just like most members of the tennis league, Abdul is highly educated, has an MBA degree and works for a major finance company in Manhattan.  Abdul was trained at an early age by his father to become a tennis PRO and he has participated in a lot of junior tennis tournaments growing up in the south.  
#10 seed: David Lee is a Korean American who has been playing tennis for many years.  Just like most members of the league, he is a very nice person, highly educated and a very good tennis player.  He joined the league few months ago because he couldn't find a tennis partner.  Now, he plays on a regular basis with other league members in between his work doing recruitment for his own home based recruitment company.  David is a consistent player and has a great topspin forehand.
#9 seed: Ian Katz is a part time musician (drums) and a full time IT engineer at Columbia University.  Ian's talent in music resonates in the way he plays tennis.  Watching him play tennis is almost like watching a great drummer.  He is consistent, moves well on the court and strikes the tennis ball solid.  He finds good tennis players with attitude very annoying.  


#7 seed: Alan Yeung is a full time Corporate Accountant, works long hours and plays tennis to de-stress from work.  He is a serve and volley player, has great hands at the net.  He has been a member of the league since we started.  
#2 seed Adam Burton can potentially upset the top seed in the tournament and has a good chance of winning the Advanced Level Tournament of  Adam comes from the South where he competed in a lot of junior tennis tournaments growing up as a kid.  He is now a corporate lawyer and is very eager to come back to a sport that he loves.


1. Alan Yeung (confirmed) 
2. Abdul Ismaila (confirmed) Rank #3
3. Adam Burton (confirmed) Rank #2
4. Christopher Hylen (confirmed)
5, Chris Bien (confirmed) 
6. David Lee (confirmed) 
7. Emmanuel Rousson (confirmed) Rank #1
8. Eric Jin (confirmed) 
9. Fred Roman (confirmed) 
10. Roman Livson (confirmed)
11. Ned Scharfenberg (confirmed)
12. Kevin Gregory (default)
13. Ian Katz (confirmed)
14. Kevin Rosero (confirmed)
15. Salvatorre Hendrickys (confirmed)
16. Ramesh Parameswar (confirmed) 
17. Peter Libert (alternate)
18. Abishek Wilson (confirmed)
19. Leo Wang (alternate)
20. Gerry O (alternate)


21. Tom Orde
22. Dr. Dan Drukteinis
23. Marco Spranger Rank #4
24. Steven Chen
25. Fred Roman
26. David Hock
and MORE....


Seeds: 1 - Emmanuel Rousson
2 - Adam Burton
3 - Abdul Ismaila
4 - Marco Spranger
5 - Abishek Wilson
6 - Eric Jin
7 - Alan Yeung
8 - Ramesh Parameswar
9 - Ian Katz
10 - David Lee
11 - Fred Roman
12 - Chris Bien

    Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     SEMIS     FINALS  
(1) 1) Emmanuel                         
    Rousson Emmanuel R                  
  2) Eric Jin   6-3 6-4                  
            David Lee            
  3) Roman Livson       6-3 7-5            
      David Lee                
(10) 4) David Lee   6-2 6-3                  
                  David Lee      
  5) Kevin Rosero             4-6 6-4      
      Kevin Rosero       7-6 (10-8)      
  6) Sal Hendrickys   7-6 (7-5) 6-4              

Ian Katz          
(9) 7) Ian Katz       6-1 6-1            
      Ian Katz                
  8) Tom Orde   6-0 6-1                  
                        David Lee  
(12) 9) Chris Bien                   4-6 6-3 7-5  
      Alan Yeung                
(7) 10) Alan Yeung   6-2 6-4                
            Alan Yeung          
  11) Ned Scharfenberg                  
  12) Lance Yoon                    
                  Fred R.      
(11) 13) Fred Roman             6-3 6-0        
      Fred Roman                
  14) Dan Drukteinis   4-6 6-4 6-4                
            Fred R.            
  15) Chris Hylen       (default)              
      Abdul Ismaila                  
(3) 16) Abdul Ismaila   6-2 6-3  
    Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     SEMIS     FINALS  
(9) 17) Ian Katz                        
      Ian Katz                  
  18) Ned    6-0 6-1                  
    Scharfenberg       Adam B            
(2) 19) Adam Burton        6-4 6-2            
      Adam Burton                
  20) Chris Bien   6-0 6-3                  
                  Adam B.      
  21) Roman Livson             7-5 6-0      
      Sal Hendrickys              
  22) Sal Hendrickys   6-1 4-6 6-3              

Sal H.          
  23) Lee Duong       (default)            
      Brian Elias                
  24) Brian Elias    6-1 6-3                  
                        Adam Burton  
(8) 25) Ramesh                    1-6 7-6 6-4  
    Parameswar Ramesh P.                
(5) 26) Abishek Wilson   7-6 7-5                
  27) Steven Chen       6-1 6-1          
      Peter Libert              
  28) Peter Libert   6-3 6-1                
                  Eric Jin      
(7) 29) Alan Yeung             7-5        
      Eric Jin                
(6) 30) Eric Jin   6-7(3-7) 62 63                
            Eric Jin            
  31) Dan Drukteinis       6-4 6-1              
      Marco Spranger                  
(4) 32) Marco Spranger   6-3 6-0  

(2nd bracket including late entries) round robin, single and double elimination
NOTE: The winner of this bracket will face the winner of the top (1st bracket):
The BEST 2 PLAYERS in this group (win/loss stats) WILL battle it out to get the chance to play the winner of the first bracket above.

As of October 17, the second finalists in the bottom half of the draw will be FREDERIC BOUCHER.  He defeated James Valverde 6-0 6-2 in the second semi-finals.

1 Frederic Boucher formerly ranked #75 in Montreal Canada wins against Marco Spranger 6-1, even with Emmanuel Rousson (1 win 1 loss) 6-4, 4-6, wins against Glen Choi, wins against Pete Bassey 6-4 6-4, wins against Adam Burton 6-2
4 WINS 1 Even match against Emmanuel Rousson

ELIMINATED (single/double elimination and round robin)

1. Chris Bien (lost twice) Lost to Adam Burton (1st rd) and Lost to Alan Yeung (1st rd)

2. Roman Livson (lost 3x) Lost to David Lee (1st rd) and Lost to Sal Hendricks (1st rd) and Lost to Lee Duong

3. David Hock (lost 3x) Lost to Emmanuel Rousson 6-1 6-2 and lost to James Valverde 6-1 6-0 and Lost to Martin Barnard 7-5 4-6 5-7

4. Lee Duong (lost twice) Lost to Brian Elias 6-1 6-3 6-0 and Lost to Marco Spranger 6-0 6-1

5. Kevin Rosero (lost once) Lost to Ian Katz 6-1 6-1 (inactive)

6. Martin Shaw (lost 2x) to David Lee in 3 sets 1st set: 6-4 (David) 2nd set: 7-6 (8-6) Martin 3rd set (6-3 David) and Lost to Adam Burton 1-6 7-6 (7-4) 6-7 (7-4)

7. Albert Lung (lost once) to Steven Chen 6-0

8. Ned Scharfenberg (lost 2x) lost to Jonathan Saltzman and lost to Lee Duong

9. Abdul Ismaila (defaulted - inactive)

10. Ian Katz (lost 2x) Lost to Adam Burton and Lost to David Lee in 3 sets and wins against Eric Jin in 3 sets

11. Dan Drukteinis (lost 2x) Lost to Fred Roman and Lost to Marco Spranger

12. Steven Chen Lost to Peter Libert

13. Peter Libert Lost to Ramesh Parameswar

14. Tom Orde lost to Ian Katz

15. Sal Hendricks (lost 2x) lost to Kevin Rosero and Lost to Adam Burton

16. Brian Elias wins against Lee Duong but defaulted due to schedule (conflict with vacation)

17. Glenn Choi (lost 3x) lost to Eric Jin (7-6) and lost to Antoine (6-2), lost to James Valverde 6-1 6-1 5-1, wins against Roman Livson 6-2

18. Emmanuel Rousson (lost 2x) Lost to David Lee (2nd rd), lost to Frederic Boucher

19. Abishek Wilson (lost once) Lost to Ramesh Parameswar (1st rd) INACTIVE

20. Martin Barnard (lost 2x) wins against David Hock in 3 sets, lost to Marco Spranger 4-6, lost to James Valverde 1-6 1-6 3-6

21. Lance Yoon wins against Jonathan Cifuentes 6-1 (SCHEDULE CONFLICTS)

22. Ramesh Parameswar (lost once) to Eric Jin (one set) SCHEDULE problems.

23. Alan Yeung (lost 2x) lost to Eric Jin and lost to Fred Gerardo Roman

24. Pete Bassey (lost 2x) lost to James Valverde 6-3 5-7 1-6 and lost to Frederic Boucher 4-6 4-6

25. Antoine Troadec wins against Roman Livson 6-2, lost to James Valverde 2-6 2-6, wins against Glenn Choi 6-2
2 WINS 1 LOSS (don't have enough time to play matches)

26. Marco Spranger (lost twice) to Eric Jin, wins against Lee Duong, wins against Martin Barnard 6-4, lost to Frederic Boucher 1-6, wins against Dan Drukteinis
3 WINS 2 LOSS (not very active)

27. David Lee (lost twice) lost to Adam Burton 4-6 1-6, lost to James Valverde 4-6 5-7 wins against Roman Livson, wins against Emmanuel Rousson, wins against Ian Katz and wins against Fred Roman. 
4 WINS 2 Loss

28. Fred Gerardo Roman (lost once) to David Lee in 3 sets. Wins against Dan Drukteinis and Alan Yeung.
2 WINS 1 loss

29. James Valverde wins against David Hock 6-0 6-1, wins against Antoine Troadec 6-2 6-2, wins against Pete Bassey 3-6 7-5 6-1, wins against Glen Choi 6-1 6-1, wins against Martin Barnard 6-1 6-1 6-3, wins (2x) against Glen Choi 6-2 6-2 , wins against David Lee 6-4 7-5, Lost to Dexter 1-6 4-6, Lost to Frederic Boucher 0-6 2-6 in the semi finals