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Christopher Hylen (photo above) is a Wall Street Executive who loves playing tennis.  He just came back from London where he worked for a few years in Finance.  Christopher has a solid intermediate game.  He is very friendly, very fit and athletic and has a great attitude on and off the tennis court.

Kathleen (photo L) knows how to have fun.  She smiles when she hits a tennis ball and gives a very positive warm energy.  Even when she misses a ball, she smiles. Kathleen is a fast learner and has good hand eye coordination.  "I am here [learning tennis] for the long term," Kathleen said with a child-like grin during our tennis hitting.  Kathleen works for a major finance company in Wall St. Welcome to the tennis league, Kathleen!

Helen (photo above) is a very busy woman.  She has 2 jobs, takes Karate lessons and still finds time to learn and play tennis.  Although she can consistently rally from the baseline with a soft to medium pace topspin ball, she is never content with her tennis level.  She likes to improve on her game and is very eager to learn.


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