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The Consistent Baseliner!
Martin Barnard
(photo above) is a USTA rated 4.0 player.  Originally from Canada, he lived in Illinois for a couple of years before moving to NYC.  Martin joined the 4.0 USTA tennis leagues in Illinois, participated in drills sessions at a local tennis club in Edgewater and plans to join the tennis league to play more tennis matches. Welcome to the tennis league, Martin!

The TENNIS POSTER BOY who has a strong flat serve!!!
Matt Shaw has been playing tennis since he was very young.  He admits that because of his high level tennis game, it's very difficult for him to find a tennis partner.  "I am very interested in getting involved with tennis league," he said in his email.  Matt did an hour and a half of drills, brought his A game and showed his tennis athletic ability last Wednesday, August 17, 2005.  Welcome to the league, Matt!

The OKLAHOMA Beauty in NYC!!!
"You can take the girl out of Oklahoma but you cannot take Oklahoma out of the girl!" Allison said regarding her personality.  "Allison is a fast learner, athletic and has great coordination," Eric Capuano, the league coach said after 1 1/2 hrs of doing drills and lessons with Allison.  "Allison has potentials of becoming a very good tennis player!" Eric said.

Alissa Moody
(photo above) wrote me [Koko Lani] an email and said, "I am a low intermediate level, who has just picked up the game again after not playing since I was a teenager (about 15 years ago).At that timeit was really just hitting balls with my family every now and then, so nothing serious.But somehow I've seemed to maintain my level even though I haven't played insuch a long time.I would love to play once during the week and sometimes join the Saturday round robins that you have." Eric Capuano, the league coach was impressed with Alissa's personality and athletic ability, "Alissa is very friendly and has a great attitude.  She is very athletic and will be a great addition to the league!"

Lydia Diaz (photo left) is a familiar face among regulars in Central Park especially the afternoon tennis crowd.  She started playing in Spain and then in Central Park few years ago when she came to NYC. In NYC Central Park, she played almost daily for many hours until she got exhausted.  Little did she know that few years down the road she will be able to use her tennis skills in getting a tennis scholarship in College.  Now, she is a full time college student in a prestigious college in Florida with a full tennis scholarship.  "I just sent my video playing tennis, got an interview and right away, the college tennis coach accepted me. I have full tennis scholarship and my board and lodging is almost free!" Lydia said with a grin on her face.  Lydia plays with league members of the whenever she has the time while taking a summer break from school.

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